Robert Vohra
In the world of law, especially corporate and tax law, you want someone on your side that knows what he is doing, and more importantly is on your side just as much as you are on his. Robert Vohra has epitomized this ideal in the over twenty years that he has been practicing law.
After completing a double bachelors in International Economic Relations as well as Political Science from Columbia University, Vohra completed his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law School. He then went on to specialize in tax law for his Masters of Law. Throughout his education at Georgetown University, Vohra also served as the editor for a journal the university printed about legal ethics.
This case involved challenges made to the New York State law involving franchise tax. Vohra was able to successfully prove that this law was unconstitutional due to a foreign commerce clause, facilitating the reversal of a company being delisted from a financial regulatory authority called NASD.