RICS CPD Hours - College of Contract Management United Kingdom
RICS CPD Hours - College of Contract Management United Kingdom
CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. CPD hours are time spent learning new information or gaining new skills.

RICS CPD Hours - College of Contract Management United Kingdom

Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) need to complete at least 20 CPD hours every year. If they don’t, they will need to pay a penalty and can even have their membership withdrawn. You can’t just do any old learning. RICS CPD hours are CPD hours that are approved by RICS. For example, spending 30 hours reading about football strategy would not count as CPD hours in your tally to prove your fulfilment of the membership criteria. This is because knowledge of football doesn’t improve you as a surveying professional. The point of gaining these hours is for each member to improve and therefore contribute their value to the organisation.

RICS divides its CPD hours into ‘Formal’ and ‘Informal’. Each member must complete a minimum of 10 Formal RICS approved CPD hours per year, the rest of the 20 can be Informal.

For your learning to count as Formal hours, at least 4 of these must be true, including a):

  1. Be relevant to your profession.
  2. Have a formally structured programme, such as a course overview and contents.
  3. Give you new knowledge and skills.
  4. Involve interaction with appropriate professors, lecturers or professionals in a classroom environment. This can include a virtual classroom or online college.
  5. Have an outcome that’s judged as successful by somebody other than yourself. This could be a test or an assignment.
  6. Have an assessment that is marked by someone or something that is not to do with you and is appropriate. For example, a test that is written and marked by your friend who is a vet is not acceptable. Meanwhile, a test that is written and marked by a lecturer in Quantity Surveying who you don’t have any relationship with is acceptable.


If a) is true but less than 3 others are true, the hours count as Informal. If a) isn’t true then the hours count for nought.


How Can I Get Formal CPD Hours?

The College of Contract Management offers courses that can add towards your approved CPD hours.


RICS APC Coaching

RICS CPD hours: 28

Type: Formal

 Glide through your Assessment of Professional Competence and gain more than a year’s worth of Formal CPD hours to boot with our coaching service.