Reinvent the online education market with an Udemy Clone app
Reinvent the online education market with an Udemy Clone app
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Udemy Clone App Development

In this digital era, e-learning platforms have become a part of everyone's lives. As learners, they want to upgrade their skills and gain knowledge. Undoubtedly, the way we approach has changed with the emergence of e-learning apps like Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda. 

Out of these apps, Udemy is one such promising e-learning app that has over 100,000 courses and more than 24 million registered learners. Its net worth in 2020 was nearly about $37 billion. If you have an idea of developing an online learning platform, going ahead with an Udemy Clone app is right. 

This blog provides insights into why developing an app like Udemy is a good choice and the app development process.  

Udemy - A quick glance at a popular & leading online learning platform 

Udemy is a leading online learning platform that has become one of the best-funded companies. It has raised funding of $80 million at the end of the year 2020. Thereby, its total funding was about $300 million.

Udemy facilitates anyone to create an online course which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Moreover, popular courses on this platform are related to technical and business. For instance, the topic will be how to code in Python and use Google Analytics. In addition to this, personal development related topics are popular courses that learners prefer to study.

It has over 155,000 courses due to the open approach to online learning, as anyone can provide courses on this platform. Moreover, its growth is tremendous during the Covid-19 pandemic as 3000 new courses were added every month.

Udemy benefits a wide range of instructors

Udemy, an open-source platform, registered instructors can create and publish online courses. It is reported that a handful of instructors get revenue of over $1 million per year on this platform. Moreover, the top 5000 instructors are generating more revenue out of more than 70,000 instructors. 

Some instructors provide free courses, whereas few instructors make a penny from their courses. The fact is that 80% of courses offered in Udemy are free of cost.

Most importantly, instructors have to follow the platform guidelines to publish courses. The percentage of revenue varies depending on the marketing help Udemy offers to the registered instructors for courses promotion. 

What is Udemy for Business?

The company announces Udemy for Business which is a learning platform that helps working professionals upgrade their skills in this competitive workplace. It comprises business and technology-related courses. In a nutshell, it covers the demanded professional skills related courses that make the employees become better leaders, collaborators, and subject-matter experts.

Let’s get deeper into the Udemy Clone app development process.

Step 1 – Market analysis

Firstly, you have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the recent market trends. Collecting customer data and competitors’ strategies helps to build a successful Udemy Clone app.

Step 2 – Feature-set integration

Udemy Clone app comprises three modules, namely Learner app, Instructor app, and Admin panel. The following are the significant features included in these modules.

Features of Learner app 

  • Search & filters

  • Course details

  • Cart

  • Certificates & study materials

Features of Instructor app

  • Course creation

  • Reports

  • Course list

  • Dashboard

Features of Admin panel

  • Payment

  • Dashboard

  • Customer support

  • Content management system

Apart from adding the general features, including advanced & innovative features will make your e-learning app stand out from your rivals. 

Step 3 – Monetization strategies

You can choose to prefer various revenue streams to generate revenue from your online learning platform. Few popular revenue models are commission fees, featured course listing, and in-app advertisements. 

Step 4 – Opt for Custom-built or develop app from scratch

There are two approaches in which a learning application can be built. 

The first approach is choosing the Udemy Clone Script, which is a tailor-made app solution. This can be customized according to your business needs. 

The second approach is preferring to develop the app from the beginning, which is a time-consuming process and takes more time.

In comparison, the first approach is the most preferable by many entrepreneurs as it is budget-friendly.

Step 5 – Cost estimation 

The total cost of developing the Udemy Clone app relies mainly on your business requirements, i.e., features and functionality. However, it depends on the following factors.

  • App platform

  • App complexity

  • Technology stack

  • App developers’ location

  • Third-party service integration

Step 6 – Partner with the right app development company

Choosing the perfect technology partner is necessary as they help to transform your business vision into reality. Undoubtedly, most companies proffer the Udemy Clone Script that is white-label, scalable, and customizable. Join hands with a suitable app development company and get your clone app developed. 


I hope so; you have a clear vision of the Udemy Clone app development process upon reading this blog. 

Are you sure about developing an online learning platform? Associate with a suitable mobile app development company. Get your clone app and launch it in the market.