Podcasts for Professional Photographers
Podcasts for Professional Photographers
Zookbinders sincerely admired all of the hard - working photographers available today. We hope that some of these podcasts for professional photographers will be beneficial to you, and we can't wait seeing those album numbers come in!

Wedding season is in full swing and thanks to last year’s pause in events, photographers are booked solid in 2021 and beyond. As delightful as it is to have a full calendar, the grind of the busy season can take its toll on your mood and enthusiasm. Zookbinders had put together a list of podcasts for professional photographers that will keep you sharp and motivated!


Why Podcasts?

Continuing education is a must for anyone who wants to grow as an artist and as a business owner. Whether you are a year into your career or a seasoned veteran, learning enriches the mind. Many times, workshops and lectures can create new opportunities that you may not have considered before. You may get insight into pricing professional wedding albums, learn new strategies for marketing, or discover a new wedding album design service.

Attending a workshop is great, but the logistics of traveling to a mastermind class or convention can take up too many resources. Why not gather some new intel by listening to podcasts? Podcasts are a super convenient way to learn from industry experts in a casual setting, on your own time, and for free.  Plus, they are pretty entertaining!

Lustre Book Cameo

Podcasts might inspire you to try a different lighting style for a new “hero image” for your album covers.

When to Listen

Take a Stroll 

It’s said that multitasking is a myth and that you can’t do two things at the same time. However, have you walked and listened to music before?  Then swap out the tunes for a podcast and get your steps in while learning. If you get distracted by a squirrel on your walk, just hit replay and you’ll be up to speed.


On the Road Again

Just like any talk radio or news station, a podcast can keep things interesting when you’re out driving around, especially on longer trips. Taking a kid to college, traveling to visit family, or just enduring rush hour can be a great time to check out a few podcasts for professional photographers looking for inspiration on the go.