Phosphorus Pentachloride Market Dynamics
Phosphorus Pentachloride Market Dynamics
Phosphorus Pentachloride Market

Phosphorus pentachloride is primarily employed as a chlorinating agent in the dye and pharmaceutical industries. According to the India International Trade Centre, Chinese companies account for more than 40% of global dye and dye intermediate output.


One of the key drivers of phosphorus pentachloride growth worldwide is the constantly increasing chemical sector. Phosphorus pentachloride is used as a dehydrating agent and to make stabilisers and plasticizers for elastomers and plastics, as well as to improve grain structure in metal casting.

However, one of the major restraints to the worldwide growth of the phosphorus pentachloride market is the unfavourable consequences generated by phosphorus pentachloride as it combines with water to make phosphoric and hydrochloride acid and produces heat for igniting flammable materials. Phosphorus pentachloride is a toxic gas that can inflict serious skin burns and is an explosive gas, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).


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