Peptide Synthesis Market - Global Growth, Share, Trends, Demand and Forecast 2022-2029
Peptide Synthesis Market - Global Growth, Share, Trends, Demand and Forecast 2022-2029
Robust Pharmaceutical R&D Activities to Steepen Growth Curve of Global Peptide Synthesis Market

Recently, progressive developments in the medical industry have led the world to several scientific breakthroughs. One such breakthrough is peptide synthesis. It has emerged as a critical methodology in bioorganic chemistry. Peptides are a crucial element of biomedical research across the globe. They play the role of probes of biological structure and function and work as intermediates for the development of enzyme inhibitors and peptidomimetics. Such a noteworthy potential of peptides in biomedical research has attracted the interest of several governments, pharmaceutical industry players, and other related stakeholders. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already greenlit several drugs made from peptides. The cumulative force of such factors is projected to lead the global peptide synthesis market to sound maturity.  


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Notable Biomedical Applications Peptide Synthesis to Sustain Demand Creation


Peptides are highly active and selective pharmacological compounds that find their application in several therapeutic areas. Some of the key factors that are assisting this trend are peptides’ attributes such as high physical activity, broad chemical space, high specificity, accessible availability, the relative simplicity of synthesis, and low toxicity. Currently, peptides are being used in numerous drugs with many more currently under clinical trials and development. The demand for peptides is growing due to their use in treating cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders, neurological illnesses, and other uncommon diseases. Such factors are constituting the growth of the global peptide synthesis market across the forecast period.

Reagents to Open Novel Opportunities of Growth


Currently, the peptides are being used in several forms such as reagents, equipment, and services. Paced expansion in the applications of peptides in therapeutics, gene synthesis, and drug design is creating tremendous business opportunities for reagents. The key factors behind this development are the ongoing research projects involving peptide synthesis. Several pharmaceutical entities are supercharging their investments in drug research and development activities. Medical technologies are also becoming more effective and advanced, thereby easing the peptide synthesis process. The paced demand for reagents, the growing number of pharmaceutical players, and notable biotechnological advancements are collectively steering the global peptide synthesis market to maturity.


North America to Lead Peptide Synthesis Market Owing to Flourishing Pharmaceutical Industry


The thriving pharmaceutical industry, robust healthcare infrastructure, and presence of several market players are establishing North America as the leading peptide synthesis market. These factors have helped the regional market to become concentrated promising opportunities. Moreover, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases in major North American economies such as the USA is contributing to considerable peptide demand creation. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is projected to become the fastest-growing regional market on the account of notable government-supported healthcare initiatives and growing healthcare awareness among the masses.


Key Market Players


Some of the players in the peptide synthesis market include Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Bachem Holding AG (Switzerland), GenScript Biotech Corporation (China), Merck KGaA (Germany), Biotage AB (Sweden), Kaneka Corporation (Japan), Mesa Laboratories inc. (US), Syngene International Ltd. (India), CEM Corporation (US), Bio-Synthesis Inc. (US), Dalton Pharma Services (Canada), ProteoGenix (France), vivitide (US), CSBio (US), Advanced Chemtech (US), Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd. (Israel), AAPPTec (US), AnyGen Co., Ltd. (South Korea), Corden Pharma International (Germany), Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. (India), ChemPep Inc. (US), AmbioPharm Inc. (US), JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH (Germany), CPC Scientific Inc. (US), and Purolite Pvt Ltd. (US)


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