Paychex Introduces Solutions to Manage Employee Health & Safety
Paychex Introduces Solutions to Manage Employee Health & Safety
As businesses across the U.S. reopen either on-site or virtually, many face new and evolving challenges with managing the health and safety of their workforce.

As businesses across the U.S. reopen either on-site or virtually, many face new and evolving challenges with managing the health and safety of their workforce. Today, Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of HR, payroll, benefits, and insurance solutions, announced three new offerings to help its customers navigate new business and wellness needs, including COVID-19 leave tracking and screening, as well as health attestation solutions.

“Each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges that businesses must solve. Paychex has been by their side every step of the way, listening and providing resources and solutions that make it easier to continue business operations, despite the current challenges,” said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO. “We’ve taken a leadership role in informing employers about COVID-19 guidance impacting their specific geography through innovative tools such as our COVID-19 State Resources Map, we’ve provided comprehensive training to our HR professionals to help them guide clients through this unchartered landscape, and we continue to introduce new tech-enabled solutions that assist employers to more effectively manage a remote and distributed workforce, and now easily implement important health and safety measures for onsite employees.”

The new solutions available in Paychex Flex®, the company’s cloud-based HR technology platform, include:

COVID-19 Leave Tracking: Administrators can now identify an employee-submitted issue as related to COVID-19 through the HR Connect feature in Paychex Flex. Scenarios include requesting personal protective equipment (PPE), questioning a company procedure related to COVID-19, and requesting leave to care for a family member or child attending school virtually. Following case submission, administrators are prompted to indicate if the issue is related to COVID-19 and whether the employee requested time off.

COVID-19 Screening: A successful return to work strategy for many businesses will include employees coming back to a physical work environment. For that reason, Paychex has made a COVID-19 screening solution available through its Employment Screening Services product, giving employers a way to initiate employee COVID-19 screenings and track test results within a single platform. This helps employers to more effectively manage when individual employees can safely return to work.

Health Attestation Support: As new employee safety measures are introduced, more employers may be required to collect and track employee health information under state and local mandates. To help simplify what could be a complex process, Paychex introduced a health attestation template solution designed to help employers collect employee information in a variety of ways. This automated solution enables employers to customize and digitally distribute a health attestation form to employees daily, securely store responses in real-time, and view advanced analytics for individuals or the entire workforce. For businesses preferring to collect such health-related information on-site, web-based Paychex Flex Time solutions can prompt employees to answer similar health questions during the punch in/punch out process.

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