Participate In This New Training Program That Helps Small Creators Create Wealth — By Kenneth Dezire Allen
Participate In This New Training Program That Helps Small Creators Create Wealth — By Kenneth Dezire Allen
Now small creators and artists can also make it big with proven steps to learn from this program.

ATLANTA, GA, SEPTEMBER 04, 2022 - Popular Atlanta-based influencer, Kenneth DeZire Allen, has released a new social media training program for small creators. This program is specifically designed to help these small creators and artists to create multiple sources of income and generate a good amount of wealth for themselves.

Titled "The Millionaire Influencer’s", this program will show small business owners, artists and creators step-by-step instructions on how to monetize one's social media presence, how to attract clients and customers and how to involve their attention and generate business.

"Generating a social media following isn't as easy as it is assumed. The Millionaire Influencer’s, however, has been tailored in such a way that it helps you garner eyeballs, get traffic, obtain requisitions and business, and make a ton of money", said Kenneth.

Designed by Kenneth Higginbotham, also known as Kenneth DeZire Allen, The Millionaire Influencer’s has specifically been created to help small business owners achieve financial independence. At a time when huge corporations call virtually every shot, social media is one avenue that has opened the floodgates for various artists and creators to take their business directly to the people without an intermediary. But, is everyone supposed to go through the same hoops as the other successful people before them?

"Our answer is a resounding NO. In fact, that is exactly why the program called The Millionaire Influencer’s has been developed. Mr Allen is a self-made person. He quit his high-paying job to start his own business in graphic design. He also has an online clothing store called RelaxRoyalDesigns that earns him thousands of dollars every month. He wants others to take the road to success without making the same mistakes he or others have done so far. The program is a set of proven methods designed to help creators, artists and small business owners achieve success in this cut-throat competitive world. Join the program today and shape your future", said a representative of Kenneth DeZire Allen.


Kenneth DeZire Allen is a successful business owner and a gifted graphic designer. He has started a new program called The Millionaire Influencer’s to help small creators and artists to achieve financial independence.


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