Pancakeswap Clone Script - Latest Version - AMM Swap Exchange Script
Pancakeswap Clone Script - Latest Version - AMM Swap Exchange Script
BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides latest version of Pancakeswap Clone Script with current updated features and functionalities. Hire our Blockchain developers and create your own defi dex exchange like Pancakeswap instantly.

Create Pancakeswap Clone

PancakeSwap Clone Script helps to create a Defi Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain that looks like Pancakeswap. The Automated Market Making, Farming, Exchange, Staking, NFT, and Liquidity Pools (For Staking Cryptos/Tokens) on Binance Smart Chain are supported by our Pancakeswap Clone Script.

Being a leading Defi Development Company, BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides a ready-made Pancakeswap clone script that is completely tested and deployed as a ready-to-launch solution that helps to launch a Defi DEX platform like Pancakeswap within 3 days.

Latest & Updated Features of Pancakeswap Clone Script

Each feature of the Pancakeswap clone script is developed and executed to offer functionalities that match the original Pancakeswap.

ØSpot Trading

ØYield Farming

ØSyrup Pools (Staking)

ØPrediction Market


ØPerpetual Futures Trading

ØIFO- Initial Farm Offering



Spot Trading On Pancakeswap

Spot trading on PancakeSwap is performed by swapping assets in a liquidity pool through an automated market maker (AMM). Usually, AMM swaps functioned directly with the price determined by the ratio of assets in the pool, users do not have absolute control over the price at which they buy or sell assets.

Yield Farming On Pancakeswap

Yield Farming is the process that allows the users to earn and farm the rewards in the form of CAKE tokens by providing liquidity to the Liquidity Pools on PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap consists of multiple yield farms, all of which need to stake two tokens to get LP tokens corresponding to the accurate farm.

Syrup Pools On Pancakeswap

Syrup Pools permit users to stake CAKE and earn rewards in the form of CAKE or other tokens.

Staking on Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap has the features of carrying CAKE called staking, users will be earning the reward token of the pool passively.

Pancakeswap Prediction Market

PancakeSwap's prediction market lets users earn tokens by exactly predicting the price movement of BNB-USD or CAKE-USD pairs. Users can bet on the price of BNB or CAKE to go up or down within a five-minute time frame.

Based on the final price at the end of the round, results are calculated and rewards are distributed.

Pancakeswap Lottery

PancakeSwap Lottery permits users to purchase lottery tickets, each containing a 6-digit combination. Each lottery period lasts between 12-36 hours, at the end of which a random six-digit combination is generated.

PancakeSwap’s Perpetual Futures Trading

PancakeSwap has partnered with ApolloX Finance to authorize users to trade perpetual futures contracts on its interface. The trading infrastructure is constructed with off-chain order-book matching and on-chain settlement, enabling critical trading features such as different order types such as limit orders, stop limits, and post-only orders) while maintaining the privacy and security of a Decentralized Exchange.

Pottery On Pancakeswap

It is the mixture of a locked cake pool and a lottery function, using Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) for true, secure randomness.

PancakeSwap Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

IFO, or initial farm offering, is a new ICO concept developed by PancakeSwap. If the user has to participate in an IFO, users create a PancakeSwap 'Profile'. After which, users can commit CAKE tokens to the IFO pool to purchase the token. The amount of CAKE a user can commit is determined by the number of iCAKE that a user has acquired.

PancakeSwap’s NFTs and NFT Marketplace

PancakeSwap is getting ahead of the game by launching its own NFT collections and giving users the power to create personalized profiles on the exchange by linking them to NFT. PancakeSwap also has its NFT marketplace, which allows the trading of white-listed NFT collections.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper's Pancakeswap Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides the latest version of Pancakeswap Clone Script with current updated features and functionalities. Hire our Blockchain developers and create your own Defi dex exchange like Pancakeswap instantly.