Opensea Clone Script | Develop a Stunning NFT Marketplace Like Opensea
Opensea Clone Script | Develop a Stunning NFT Marketplace Like Opensea
Create your own High ROI based NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea with latest security features and functionalities.

If you are looking to start an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea? Well, it is a good decision to invest your money in scripts like OpenSea for your businesses. Because it is a billion-dollar business that attracts you to start NFT Marketplace platforms like OpenSea. It is the largest and P2P NFT Marketplace platform built on a Blockchain network for crypto-collectibles, which include digital art, gaming items, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain network.


We, BlockchainAppsDevelopers the top NFT Marketplace Development Company as we provide an Opensea clone script that is similar to OpenSea for your business. 

OpenSea Clone Script - Develop a Stunning NFT Marketplace Like Opensea

OpenSea Clone Script is the website script that used to create the largest NFT Marketplace clone, Opensea which facilitates secure and faster trading of Digital assets like Arts, Music, Photography, Video, Memes, Domain, Metaverse, etc. Our OpenSea Clone Script is a ready-made NFT Marketplace Script that executes effective buying, selling, and auctioning of digital Collectibles that has passed the smart contract audit.

Reach BlockchainAppsDeveloper to create an outstanding, high secure & best-in-class NFT marketplace for your desired crypto business. Launch your own NFT marketplace within a month with our market-ready and exclusive NFT marketplace clone-based project. Get exclusive Smart Contract Development. Meet 50 Security Parameters with Blockchain Apps Developer.

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Why Start an NFT Marketplace Like Opensea? 


Opensea is the largest and Peer2Peer NFT Marketplace platform built on a network of blockchain for crypto-collectibles, which include digital art, gaming items, Sports Collectibles, Trading Cards, Music, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain network. 


Launching an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea is one of the best revenue-generating business models. You can begin with our 100% bug-free Opensea Clone Script solution. 


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Opensea Clone Script Highlights


Create, Buy, and Sell NFTs


 Users can create and find the best NFTs to buy or sell on Opensea. Opensea clone platform allows users to upload any type of digital asset such as,

· Movies

· Books

· Images

· Videos

· Sounds

· Weblinks

· Music files and videos & more.


If you want to make art, you can use OpenSea to create new types of works and sell them for profit. Users also consider looking into an NFT auction. There are so many options available here for all kinds of different interests.

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Multi Crypto Wallet Options


 Most marketplaces rely on one or two cryptocurrency wallets. However, OpenSea supports several. Here’s a complete list of cryptocurrency wallets supported by the platform.


Most NFT marketplaces rely on one or two crypto wallets. However, OpenSea supports many. Here is the entire list of cryptocurrency wallets supported,


· Coinbase

· Portis

· MetaMask

· TrustWallet

· Bitski

· Dapper

· Kaikas

· Authereum

· Formatic/Magic

· OperaTouch

· Torus

· WalletConnect

· WalletLink


These crypto wallets offer you a wide range of options for accepting and making payments.

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Completely Free


 OpenSea is fully free to use initially. However, This platform charges a 2.5% fee for every sale made in the marketplace. There are no monthly or annual fees.


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 NFT Minting


 In addition to buying and selling existing NFTs, developers can also create new ones. But you need to access the OpenSea API. You can do this after creating an account on the platform. Also, it requires the creation of a new wallet on the platform. 


 OpenSea also supports a built-in feature for creating custom property names. If you want to create a new type of NFT that is not yet supported by the platform, you can do it smoothly.

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Opensea Clone Script 

Opensea Clone Script is a 100% replica of the Opensea NFT Marketplace Platform Script powered by Ethereum Blockchain where crypto users to NFTs create, buy, sell, trade and track your NFT collection. It operates secure trading of Digital Collectibles like Arts, Music, Photography, Video, Memes, Domain, Metaverse, etc.


How OpenSea Clone Script Will Help You To Generate Revenue?

Our ready-to-launch OpenSea clone script to trade with ERC721/ERC1155 digital assets for free, and get high revenue and earn on every secondary sale of your digital collectibles or goods.


White label Opensea clone script:


Opensea Clone Script is a customizable white label NFT marketplace that allows users to mint and exchange NFTs. Blockchainappsdeveloper offers an OpenSea clone script that is completely White Label and can be further tweaked for improved performance and rebranded with additional features. Arts, music, virtual cards, digital collectibles, and many other NFT categories are included in our OpenSea clone script. We've built our OpenSea clone script to operate on top of ethereum, polygon, klaytn, and Solana.


Opensea Clone Script Features:


Storefront: Opensea Clone script


The NFT marketplace is designed with the greatest storefront, which shows the specifics of the NFT marketplace as well as all the information required about an NFT.


Inter-chain interoperability: Opensea Clone script


Recent NFT marketplaces have multi-chain interoperability, which attracts users from other crypto platforms and increases NFT trade volumes.


Multi-currency: Opensea Clone script


The Opensea clone script will be linked to a number of payment gateways, including the ability to use a debit or credit card to buy NFT much like Opensea.


Integration of wallets: Opensea Clone script


The platform has several wallet alternatives that enable many crypto users with different wallet holders to purchase NFTs in order to help users manage their own wallets.


Authentic listing: Opensea Clone script


The Opensea Clone is given a number of listing options where it displays all of the NFT's details so that traders may receive the information they require.


Auction: Opensea Clone script


Since the beginning, the auction has been a popular feature that draws people. Adding auctions will complete your NFT marketplace.


Integration of API: Opensea Clone script


The Opensea Clone integrates a number of APIs that help your business grow, and other APIs can be integrated according to your needs.


Filter: Opensea Clone script


The advanced filter feature built into the Opensea website script makes it easier for users to quickly select the ideal NFT of their choosing.



Our Opensea Clone supports various blockchain networks:


We can build your opensea-like NFT marketplace on any popular blockchain network due to our highly skilled team of blockchain developers.


Ethereum: Opensea Clone script


The first blockchain network in the cryptocurrency industry to have an NFT Marketplace is Ethereum. Launching your clone on the Ethereum blockchain can quickly expand your audience.


Binance smart chain: Opensea Clone script


The only blockchain ecosystem that has provided a solution to a number of issues and is climbing the cryptocurrency rankings more quickly is Binance Smart Chain. Users will be drawn to your marketplace when it launches on BSC because of the affordable gas prices and other cutting-edge features.


Cardano: Opensea Clone script


Cardano, a third-generation blockchain network, is reported to be present at this early level with a two-layer architecture that lowers network latency. Launch you