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dvertising medium that is usually a single, standard-size page printed on one or both sides with an advertising message also, Flyers are most often used in direct-mail advertising and as handbills given to customers by local retailers. In direct mail, they often accompany a formal letter to expand information in the letter. For the local retailer, flyers offer market coverage at low cost with little waste and good flexibility. However, flyers have a high throwaway rate.

Flyers are usually used for awareness of their product even commercial and non commercials. also known as Colored Leaflet, Handouts, Handbills, Circular Printed and it’s single piece of paper and we print Digital and offset Print for small scale industries easy way to capture their prospective in near - by area people gather or see each other through handouts. Companies used flyers for increase sale and politicians also used to share their information to their audience in which details of product\information are printed with company info, product, service details etc. It’s very easy way to reach & scatter information to newly opened company or new product launched, distribution are done through news paper, magazines, individual, flyers are very cost effective and handy to handle and printed single side or both side according content.

Shivani Enterprises is a online printing services provider of Flyer in Delhi | NCR | INDIA. We prefer flyer content printing in full color eye catching paper as non coated yellow, pink, green, blue and white. Product image, graphics, description prefer in Colored Printing. Shivani Enterprises offer sizes A5, A4, A5 and Custom size standard sizes on coated gloss and matte starting from 75gsm-130 gsm for Flyer Printing. Shivani Enterprises have various types of paper In different gsm coated or non coated. It provides complete Solution under one roof in Delhi | NCR | INDIA.
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