Nigeria : Top 3 Blogs to Watch (in 2020) - Rumours Blog , Linda Ikeji's Website and The Nairaland Forum.
2020 Naija News Blog Awards : Rumours Blog , Linda Ikeji's Blog and Nairaland - The Top 3 Most Influential (and Successful) Ranked Blogs to Watch in Nigeria !

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Whoare the Number One (Five Star) Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Top Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Best Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Most Influential Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Most Successful in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Funniest Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whoare the Most Hilarious Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the #1 Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Top Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Best Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Most Influential Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Most Successful Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Funniest Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?


Whois the Most Hilarious Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)


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Neverin the History of Modern Nigeria has there ever been such a Major Culture Shock, in such a Highly Conservative (African) Country.


TheMemes , Captions , Cartoons and Punch-Lines are Absolutely Hilarious ; albeitnot necessarily in the Very Best of Etiquette or Decorum.


Accordingto (the rather reserved) Dr (Mrs) Aisha Buhari (Nigeria's Beautiful First Ladyand Senior Wife of the President , General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR) who regularlyfeatures on the Website : 'Rumours Blog simply came out of Nowhere , withoutPedigree , or Respect , or Provenance , or Notice ; and unilaterally took itupon itself to transform me into an International (Social Media) Sensation.'


Others, in Nigeria , However , have not been so kind ; as they regularly complainthat there are too many Controversial Issues which are frequently given toomuch prominence ; most especially in terms of LGBT Issues.


Whateverthe Case : Rumours Blog is definitely a Real Breath of Fresh Air , and it istherefore Highly Recommended for all those of a (Particularly) LiberalDisposition.


Itis (furthermore) a very good resource for Actors , Musicians , Job-Seekers ,Fashion Gurus , Property-Hunters , Holiday Travel Teams (Tourists) and BusinessOpportunities (etc).


Thereis also an Online (Medical Doctors) Clinic, a Money Transfer Service, aClassifieds Corners, a Dating Section, a Car Sales Showroom; and Lots More !Website Address : https://r-u-m-o-u-r-s.blogspot.comPosition / Ranking : #1 (Number 1)

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)


LindaIkeji's Blog


Nigeria'sPretty Young Billionaire , Dr Linda Ikeji , needs no introduction whatsoever.


Sheis the Number One Face of Nigerian Blogging , and the Undisputed Queen of (HighLevel) Celebrity Gossip.


MadamLinda Ikeji (aka Mama Jayce) : We Publicly Hail Thee.


WebsiteAddress :


Position/ Ranking : #2 ( Number 2)


Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)


Contact Details:

Fulladdress with Zip Code : Office of the State Counsellor of Biafraland , 160 CityRd , London , EC1V 2NX , UK


-Company and Business Name : Government of Biafra


-Contact Number : +442071297395


-Media Contact : Chief Press Officer




-Contact person with business mail ID (Gmail / Yahoo not accepted)