New-Generation HR Recruitment Software for Potential Candidates
New-Generation HR Recruitment Software for Potential Candidates
Talygen launches a competent HR recruitment software solution for organizations to make hiring easier. An integrated app will resolve the challenges of the time-consuming hiring process.

July 25, 2022 - Grapevine, TX: Talygen, the leading name in the business automation software industry, has developed an integrated digital platform to ease the hiring process. Organizations and businesses can reduce the time and employ the benefits of the new-age software application. The latest features in the HR Recruitment Software are ideal for organizations regardless of the industrial sector. One can find a reliable and efficient solution to reduce paperwork. The recruitment software's faster and more productive features provide a user-friendly solution for hiring managers and employers. 

The digitally-equipped software is competent with the needs of the modern hiring procedure. It brings real-time reports and makes the task easy for the hiring managers. Project managers and employers can post more than one update and seamlessly track progress. It is easy to comply with the industrial norms with the new-age software solution. The best part about the SaaS (software-as-a-Service) product is the customizability, according to reviewers. Employers can alter and customize the template to comply with the company's branding and image. The automated messaging facility is a bonus advantage for the state-of-the-art recruitment solution from Talygen.

The security aspect is noteworthy among other benefits of the newly launched online recruitment software. Employers can manage data and keep them safely with the software solution. It helps in developing a convenient solution for talent acquisition. Candidates can apply without any issue with the seamless interface of the software application. The chief program head of the company said at the launch, "Talygen has brought an all-inclusive solution for employers and hiring managers. One can post job advertisements through internal, external, and hidden links. It will help the company hire more efficiently."

Adding statements from the chief program officer from the launch event, "Structured and secured hiring is the aim. Our software solution will deliver as per the expectations of the employers. We are hopeful about the response." To date, the response from their clients has been positive, and companies are utilizing the features for their organization. 

About the company:

Talygen was founded in 2009. The company has acquired the top rank in producing business automation solutions through its software products. The services of the web-based company are available in 46 languages. Talygen has a worldwide client base and has successfully delivered integrated and efficient digital solutions to all businesses and organizations. New-age automation features and cloud-based solutions are the unique selling points of Talygen's software solutions. The automated business solutions run on multiple devices and operating systems and deliver a seamless interface. Talygen brings the most advanced and customer-oriented approach to developing the solution. The innovative solutions are apt for all industries and businesses to ensure scalability and customization. 

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