Neeyamo a Star Performer in Payroll Solutions PEAK Matrix®
Neeyamo a Star Performer in Payroll Solutions PEAK Matrix®
Neeyamo Inc., a market leader in providing platform based global payroll and HR solutions for global enterprises has been positioned as a ‘Major Contender’

Neeyamo Inc., a market leader in providing platform based global payroll and HR solutions for global enterprises has been positioned as a ‘Major Contender’ and a ‘Star Performer’ among global payroll providers by Everest Group in its annual multi-country payroll study.

Everest Group’s recently launched Multi-country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020 report focuses on analyzing the changing dynamics of the global payroll solutions landscape and evaluating the market’s prominent service providers across a long list of key dimensions. Everest Group’s proprietary PEAK Matrix is an outcome of detailed research that segregates these service providers into four categories – Leaders, Major Contenders, Aspirants, and Star Performers. Additionally, Everest Group confers the Star Performer title on providers that demonstrate the greatest year-over-year improvement on the PEAK Matrix.

This report weighs 19 leading multi-country payroll solution providers based on the market impact they have created and their overall vision and capability. According to Everest Group, a multi-country payroll solution is defined as a contract between two parties – a buyer and a service provider, in which:

  • A minimum of two countries has been deemed to be a part of the business scope.
  • The payroll sub-calculation sub-process is covered.
  • The payroll solution provider offers the underlying payroll technology.

Neeyamo was evaluated based on the said criteria and emerged as a Major Contender and Star Performer.

Commenting on this feat, Guhan Ramanan, President & Head of Customer Success at Neeyamo said, “Neeyamo’s cutting-edge global payroll solution continues to be a trailblazing offering in the global payroll industry and Everest Group’s positioning testifies that. Furthermore, our ability to provide a completely integrated platform – NeeyamoWorks Pay, coupled with Time, Absence, ServiceDesk, Compliance, and other ancillary solutions has been a competitive advantage for us. We have been able to leverage this unique proposition to gain significant traction in the market and expand our marquee customer pipeline. We look forward to sustaining the momentum and keeping pace with the constantly-evolving payroll landscape.”

“Neeyamo has expanded both its service and technology capabilities over the years, which has enabled it to grow its client base year-on-year,” said Anil Vijayan, Vice President, Everest Group. “Its solutions to help maintain and improve service quality, especially during the difficult pandemic period, have helped it emerge as a Star Performer on the PEAK Matrix® assessment.”

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