Mi Juego - The New Single by DJ HK & Merlis Camilo
Mi Juego - The New Single by DJ HK & Merlis Camilo
‘Mi Juego’ is a song by Portuguese DJ and producer DJ HK and Dominican singer/songwriter Merlis Camilo.

The song is set to be released by the renown Portuguese Record Label BUY-RECORDS, via SinfoniaSublime Distribution, on May 17, 2021. The release counts with a lyric video and a karaoke video which will be uploaded onto the Record Label’s YouTube channel on the day of the release.

‘Mi Juego’ is a reggaeton song spanning three minutes and seven seconds which has an urban and Latin rhythm, with a touch of sensuality, who doesn’t like that, right?

The lyrics were written by producer/songwriter Avliss, from Portugal, in collaboration with Merlis Camilo. Avliss first wrote the song during a writing session with the producer DJ HK back in October, 2020 and according to DJ HK, he produced the song with the intent of having the vocals of a strong woman with a robust personality and described Merlis Camilo as the missing piece of the puzzle. With ‘Mi Juego’, Avliss wanted to “highlight the female empowerment worldwide and Merlis seemed to be the right person to interpret this message”.

The song talks about female domination and shows that males aren’t the only ones to “play games” with the opposite sex.

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Charismatic Portuguese DJ & Producer HK, has been in the scene of the music industry since 2000s. His growing popularity eventually came to the attention of a number of record labels, and in 2008 he signed to BUY-RECORDS.

His strong Brazilian and Latin influences designed his talent in a unique form and by 2012 DJ HK had reached another level in his career as a DJ/producer and began to chart on BeatPort and iTunes, with critics praising his inventive arrangements and energetic tempi. With his name firmly established among dance music devotees, it was clear HK was more than just a fleeting sensation. He cemented his status even further when he began touring intensively in countries like Albania, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, USA, among others.

In 2013 DJ HK decided to take a break from the spotlight and signed a 5-year producer deal, coming back in 2019 re-energized and ready to deliver new sounds to playlists and dance floors around the world.

Since his comeback, his collaborations have included established acts such as: MC Marcelo Gaúcho, Romero Latino, Laritssa, MC Jair Da Rocha, MC Del Piero, Anayr Celina, W SMC, Kipe, Lil Enzo amongst other well-known names in the industry and has received the support of RECORD TV Brasil, Allamanda Revista TV, Programa Camera Mais, Rondonia Ao Vivo and well over 600 radios worldwide.


Hello, my name is Merlis, many of my friends call me Mer. I am a Pisces “very” Pisces, I love chocolate, dancing and watching Netflix. I love pop and reggaeton alike; my tastes are very diverse, as well as the country where I am from: the Dominican Republic.

I like to tell stories. I sing and write songs about what I live and imagine. I am unlearning many things; something that never changes: my desire to conquer the world. Dreaming and working for what I love makes me happy. I am a free soul, a sorceress.

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