Low Investment ecommerce Business Idea
Low Investment ecommerce Business Idea
A low investment business idea is always good for the people who has not much to invest, who doesn't want to take the risk.

Many people think that starting the business is a tedious task and you have to invest a lot to start a business. If you have a good idea then starting the business is easy and you can start the business with less investment. Low investment business idea is always better if you want to try hand in business.

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A low investment business idea is always good for  the people who has not much to invest, who doesn't want to take the risk. Bootstrapped startups we can say that are the best example of low investment business idea. People want to start business with low investment because they want to skip any unnecessary formalities.

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Low investment business idea is has its own benefits such as

  • Low risk
  • You can save money for future
  • No need to take loan
Now lets take a look into some low investment business ideas

·         Create Online StoreNow this is a big business idea in low investment, you can create online store with ecommerce platform and get in the partnership with retailers and once you get the order from your platform you can pass the order to the retailers and rest is assured from their end.

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This can be a killer idea as many people now a days love to but online as no one can ignore the advantages of online shopping. There are many platforms available where in you can create the ecommerce website and start the business with very less investment as can start earning from the very first order you get.

·         Design and PrintWe are living in the fashion era where everyone wants be wear or carry something different from others, design and prints are in demand as it gives the authority to people to choose the design and they want that design to be printed on t-shirt, cups, on the bags or the caps as well. Freedom to choose what people want is the beauty of this idea.

To start this business you don’t have to be a designer but can hire a designer and rest all is set. This is a extreme low investment business, if your can provide goof quality and quick service then your investment will be fruitful.

·         Book WritingNow a days people love to read while travelling, when at home or whenever they get free tie people love to read, so writing the book is a good option in low investment.

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If one has a good writing skills and has a good knowledge of writing than one can write short stories, fictional and non-fictional and stories for kids as well.

There are many platforms in the market which is helping the new writers for helping to launch and distribute the books as per the demand and such platform charging very less from the writers, this is a win-win situation for both.

·         Create and Monetize the AudienceThis are a digital world and all most everyone is connected to the digital world in some or the other way means getting attention is little easy if you have something good to offer to the audience.

In this you can build the audience and earn from it

  •     Selling the products and services on behalf of companies
  •     Giving the review of products and movies
Now a days platform like You Tube and Instagram making this work very eay and te best ecommerce platform to get connected to the masses. Such business idea is very much in demand as it has extremely low investment . If you can speak well and creative then creating and monetize the audience is pretty easy.

·         Recruitment ServicesMany people are starting their own business and they need employee to run the day to day operations, means this is a money minting opportunity with less investment. You can contact with small and medium size company to start the business and you have to invest in buying the data of job seekers and then all set.

The best part of this business is that any companies also prefer someone who can work for them but not on their payroll, its like pay as you work. This is beneficial for both the recruiter and the company. Less investment and good return makes this business a very popular.

ConclusionYou will find many people who wants to start the ecommerce business but less people you will find who wants to invest required money in that business. Still there are people who are innovative and find the business idea which can be started in less investment.

Money attracts money is an old concept now, you can earn profit with less investment as well, just an idea of the business has to be very unique. So start a business with less investment keep working smart