Limeup Launches Startup Studio To Help Promising Businesses Bloom
Limeup Launches Startup Studio To Help Promising Businesses Bloom
Limeup Product Design Agency devotes its activities to helping startups quickly and efficiently launch quality products into the market.

London, July 6th, 2022 Limeup announced the launch of Startup Studio, a new service designed to streamline the startup creation process. The company says that the service has been created to help entrepreneurs focus on building and creating by helping them design, build and launch efficient and meaningful products.

Services Startup Studio Now Offers

Startup success comes from the right help at the right time. Limeup offers four services to help early-stage startups do just that.


      Web apps design & development. Focusing on the client’s vision, the Limeup design team specializes in building web applications and interactive online experiences for engaging startups.


      Mobile apps design & development. Startup studio helps companies build effective applications and crafts recognizable brands.


      E-commerce & marketplaces. An e-commerce website or marketplace platform designed to drive growth, maximize sales, and keep the clients ahead of the curve.


      UI/UX design services. Thorough research and analysis provide the foundation for Limeup’s deep understanding of the user experience, which is the key to creating an immersive design for startups.

Startup Studio offers guidance, resources, and support to help startups make their ideas a reality. By exploring innovative ideas and visualizing concepts, they remember that startups are not just business ideas: they need technology, intelligent solution development, and specialized design expertise in order to stand out from the crowd.

“Helping people launch their businesses efficiently is our mission. We provide tools, resources, and knowledge to entrepreneurs who want to launch a high-quality product. We make it easier than ever to get started so that anyone can turn their vision into a product that will bring value to consumers and profit to the business,” says co-founder Dariia Khomych.

About Limeup Product Design Agency

Limeup is a full-service digital product design agency specializing in crafting mobile and web applications, complex systems, and platforms. The agency was founded in 2019 and has grown quickly, gaining vast experience designing, developing, and scaling products for various industries, including fintech, edtech, healthcare, real estate, blockchain, and many more. Limeup has an extensive team of talented designers, including user experience, product, and web designers, as well as motion, graphics, and illustration specialists.


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