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Learn Quran With Online Tutor |qurantuitions
Why Quran Tuitions?Did you ever imagine that finding a right tutor who could teach you Quran without taking the trouble of leaving your home? Tutors who are available as per your schedule and can speak your native language and also who fits your budget? learn Quran online

Why Student Love Us?
Earn money sharing your expert knowledge from the comfort of your home at your own rates. ensures that you’ll get paid by the students and receive your money. is an online platform which connects the tutors with the students in 1-1 sessions. A simple marketplace where parents can search for suitable tutors by filtering in their criteria like language, budget, timings etc. Parents can also preview the intro videos posted by the tutors which helps them to make a better choice in selection of tutors. Once the payment is done online the tutor gets notified. Quran tutor online
Website has an SSL Certificate and hence guarantees secure online transactions.
Tutors on the other hand can register themselves (no admin charges). They can set their price per hour and also choose their convenient schedule for their availability. Upon completion of their profile they will be listed on the website. expert Quran tutors
Courses We Offer
  • Quran Reading(Tilawat)
  • Quran Memorisation(Hifdh)
  • Arabic Speaking
About Us
Once the parents search and reach a particular tutor, they will book the schedule online. The tutor gets notified and the tutor can communicate on the dashboard. The communication tool is mutually agreed. The tutor can send the link to connect (in case of Zoom or Microsoft teams)
Once the session is complete the tutor will mark the session on dashboard as “complete”. In case the student is not happy with the session he can raise a ticket to inform the admin the problem he/she faced. Admin will communicate with the tutor to reach an amicable solution.
We, at have made an effort to serve the community by addressing the Quran learning subject easily accessible while trying the best to tap in the best resources available in our society.
For more information regarding Quran tuitions ,visit our website: https://qurantuitions.com/