Lead Management
Lead Management
SalezShark is the top CRM lead management platform that brings good leads and guides the team about every stage using lead tracking software free of cost

What is CRM and what should I know about it?

CRM software has become a key business model for all those organizations that are looking to improve their customer relationships in 2022. Due to several misconceptions and unrealistic expectations, many implementations usually fail.

Lead Management

Customer Relationship Management system is a software system specially devised to help businesses to nurture their relationships with their customers for the long term. The right CRM software will always assist your organization in improving work efficiency as well as time management to create a good market image at every step of the way.


The main aim of this tool is to boost customer engagement on your platform, improving customer retention and satisfaction to drive high sales. The SalezShark CRM software gathers the relevant customer data from different channels to build a path of contact with potential customers. The channel can be social media, the company's website, live chat, telephone, direct mail, and other marketing materials.

How does CRM software benefit small businesses?

The uses of CRM software vary from small business to large corporation in the following manner:


  • It compiles your customer information like their product preferences, past purchasing history, and behavior on social media to help the customer support team offer the best customer service.

  • The right collection of customer data and easy access to gathered data is useful while identifying market trends and business insights about the target audience using visualization and reporting features.

  • Sales and marketing automation, customer support tasks, product promotions, email marketing, campaign management, etc. 


New Terminologies used while using CRM software

CRM software is filled with new terminologies that many entrepreneurs might not be familiar with till now. But if you have been working in the sales department, managing leads, contacts, deals, and opportunities, you must be aware of certain CRM terms:


Contact: Contacts are those people who are in your address book on your phone. Similarly, in your CRM as well, contacts mean names and personal info of your prospects and clients to interact with them. 

Lead: When some contacts become special for your revenue, they are termed leads. A lead can be an individual, business, or any group interested to purchase your company’s product. Then, your team needs to pay high attention.

Opportunity: When your effort turns into a miracle or golden chance where you think that you can easily sell the highly interested lead your product or services, this is known as an Opportunity. For this, you need to list info about this opportunity is and keep track of it using SalezShark CRM software.

Quote: When you have worked with a contact, converting lead into an opportunity. This implies that you are ready to make a deal, therefore, it’s time to quote a price for the service and product you need to sell them to your potential customers.

Deal: When everything goes well and you finally succeed in selling your product, this is called a deal. There are two types of deals as Won and Lost Deals.

Profiles: These are those people who belong to your own company and are also CRM app users. Each person may have a different role and a particular set of permissions are granted for different users in this app.

Campaign: It is a bit obvious that you are using CRM software for marketing purposes and campaigns are where you can track your progress in this marketing work. Each campaign consists of the contacts and companies essential for the specific marketing campaign for product promotion.

Tag: The way you use tags on your photos, you can add extra info to a deal, contact, or anything else in the SalezShark CRM. These tags give you more ways to filter and sort the data.

Activity: Activity in CRM software refers to anything which is happening in the CRM app like contacts updated, new deals, opportunities, or any messages sent or received from colleagues.