Latest Report Food Antioxidant Market 2021 Global Industry Type, Size, Key Players like Kemin Industries Inc, DuPont
Latest Report Food Antioxidant Market 2021 Global Industry Type, Size, Key Players like Kemin Industries Inc, DuPont
Food Antioxidant Market size is projected to reach USD 1.96 billion from an estimated USD 1.36 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 6.01% globally.

Antioxidants square measure natural compounds that minimize harm caused because of atomic number 8. it's typically stated as a substance that obstructs oxidization it prevents reaction obtained by free radicals that results in chain reaction thereby damaging the cells of organisms. It aids to neutralize free radicals in our body. the favored antioxidants square measure vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene which may stop the damaging effects of oxidization. because of their high stability and low volatility, the antioxidants support to keep up the amount of nutrients, the color, practicality, taste, freshness, aroma, texture, and charm to customers like the older person, ceteris paribus. what is more, antioxidants aren't solely in food additives however are to start in food supplements and levels ought to be measured, as such, in body tissues and fluids. additionally, lesser-known sources of antioxidants thereto cited in reference abound, for example, black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) found in jams, juices, purees, and in conjunction with, containing high levels of polyphenols and flavonoids, has the flexibility to interventive price for a variety of chronic diseases like polygenic disorder and vessel diseases that results in the expansion of the market over the forecast amount. soured grain food supplements conjointly hold antioxidants, e.g., inhibitor Biofactor, lowering macromolecule oxidisation by looking out upon the peroxyl radical.

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Food Antioxidant Market report concludes with comprehensive details on the enterprise operations and monetary arrangement of leading vendors within the Antioxidant inhibitor Market report, outline of vital trends within the past and is in accounts that square measure reported  to be sensible for firms checking out venture businesses within the market. info regarding the promoting channels and vendors within the forex market was provided here. This study is an upscale guide for players and new players within the marketplace.

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The Global Food Antioxidant Market Report was produced through extensive primary and secondary studies. The report also focuses on qualitative and quantitative assessments by analyzing data collected from industry analysts and market participants across key points in the industry's value chain, growth aspects, utilization and manufacturing capabilities.

Leading companies reviewed in the Food Antioxidant Market report are:

VDH Chem Tech Pvt Ltd (India),Yasho Industries (India),Nagase Group (Japan),Fooodchem International Corporation (US),Guangzhou ZIO Chemicals Co. Ltd (China),Koninklijke DSM N.V. (Netherlands),Kemin Industries Inc. (the US),DuPont (US),Eastman Chemical Company (US),Barentz Group (Netherlands),Camlin Fine Sciences (India),Kalsec Inc. (US),Frutarom Ltd (Israel),BTSA (Spain),Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (US),Vitablend Nederland BV (Netherlands),Sasol Limited (South Africa),Advanced Organic Materials (Germany),Crystal Quinone Pvt Ltd. (India),Oxiris Chemicals S.A (Spain),Pharmorgana GmBH (Germany),Naturex (France),BASF SE (Germany),3A Antioxidants (US),Others

Broccoli, spinach, carrots and potatoes are all high in antioxidants, and so are artichokes, cabbage, asparagus, avocados, beetroot, radish, lettuce, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, collard greens and kale. Using lots of spices in cooking is good.

Market Dynamics and Factors for the Food Antioxidant Market:


The world economic decline had a low effect on the global antioxidants market and the market for antioxidants is anticipated to continue to witness growth over the forecast period. However, shifting eating patterns are influencing the market growth regionally, owing to switching diet patterns, urbanization and population, and economic growth. The global meat market, worldwide, was valued at US$ 838 Bn in 2020 and US$ 868 Bn in 2021.

The global population is anticipated to gain more than 7.99 Bn by 2025, from 6.9 Bn in 2011. Owing to rising life expectancy and strong growth of the agriculture sector, the demand for feed antioxidants in the global meat industry is anticipated to grow over the forecast period. India and Brazil are amongst the global rapidly emerging economies and are witnessing continuous growth in their per capita income. This may cause a standard shift in dietary preferences in these economies.

Antioxidants are applied to food products to preserve their nutrients, flavor, and freshness, thereby intercepting food wastage and extending their overall shelf life. In many situations, two or more antioxidants are used in a food product to boost their food quality protection standards. Preservatives are also used in commercial products to maintain their freshness for a longer time and protect them from bacteria. Antioxidant support prevents oxidation of food containing fat or oil and thereby, prevents it from going foul-smelling.

Apart from that, they prevent the browning of vegetables, cut fruit and fruit juices, and improve their shelf life. For instance, vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, helps recycle vitamin E. Ascorbates, such as vitamin C, help to detach oxygen through the self-oxidation process. For instance, monosodium glutamate is used in processed foods, such as soups, sausages, and sauces. Due to these applications, the demand for antioxidants is anticipated to observe a surge globally, mainly from the packaged food industry.


Some antioxidants are somehow can be high in different food products. Consuming large amounts of antioxidants continuously can grow triglyceride levels, a type of fat in the bloodstream. It raises the risk of heart disease and it can also poorly affect dental health. These are some of the factors that are hampering the growth of the market.


Rising demand in developing economies for food antioxidants. Though awareness regarding food antioxidants is low, developing economies such as China and India are facing high industrialization. As these developing economies grow and gain high disposable income, their demand for food antioxidants is also growing. The APAC region is displaying increased demand for prepared and functional foods & beverages, and thus, the region's food antioxidants market is anticipated to grow. The demand for food antioxidants is anticipated to grow at a quiet pace in early acquiring countries such as Japan, Germany, and a fractional rate in new & developing markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian economies.

Furthermore, the rising world population is putting more pressure on manufacturers for the preparation, extraction, and maintenance of scarce resources. Growing energy prices and increasing raw material costs are affecting food prices, thus impacting low-income consumers. Pressure on food supplies is being compounded by water shortages, particularly over Africa and Northern Asia. Advances in science and technology are helping in improving the shelf life of foods to a greater extent. The requirement for marketing food preservatives to the smallest of food & beverage manufacturers will expand the market size.

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Food Antioxidant Market Segmentation:

The analysis also divides the Food Antioxidant Market on the Type:


The analysis also divides the Food Antioxidant Market on the Applications:

Prepared Foods,Prepared Meat & Poultry,Fats & Oils,Beverages,Bakery 7 Confectionery,Seafood And,Others

The analysis also divides the Food Antioxidant Market on the Source:

Fruits And Vegetables, Oils,Spices & Herbs,Botanical Extracts,Gallic Acids,Nuts & Seeds,Petroleum

The analysis also divides the Food Antioxidant Market on the Form:

Dry, Liquids

Following regions are highlighted in this the Food Antioxidant Market report:

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America


Regional Analysis for Food Antioxidant Market:

  • In the Asia Pacific region, the food & beverages sector is greatly impacted by the consumer preference for healthy consumption, the trend towards natural and organic foods, and the rising need for convenience food products. With developing countries, increasing industrialization, rising urge for processed foods, and consumer preference for quality products, ingredient suppliers are becoming growingly optimistic about the growth of the food & beverage industry. These trends and preferences have generated a need for new additives in foods, despite the growing consciousness regarding the health hazards related to synthetic food additives.


  • The European region is propelled by UK, France, and German food antioxidants market and is expected to gain maximum market share during the forecast period. The product helps to improve the shelf life of bakery products. Growing demand for bakery products due to their appealing taste and easy-to-digest nature is probably to turn regional market growth.


  • In Latin America, Brazil's food antioxidants market size may witness remarkable gains in the projected period owing to growing meat and meat product demand. The product is used by meat suppliers to enhance the shelf life of meat products. Rising consciousness regarding nutritious diet and the need to impart genetic taste will act as a crucial role in accelerating the industry size.

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Key Industry Developments of the Food Antioxidant Market:

  • In December 2019, BASF launched the second phase of its latest, world-scale antioxidants production plant at its Caojing site in Shanghai, China. The second phase incorporates a synthesis plant to manufacture the antioxidants Irgafos® 168 and Irganox® 1076. By the completion of the second phase, the plant would have an annual capacity of 42,000 tons, mainly catering to consumers in China.
  • In October 2020, a Netherlands-based Barentz inaugurated the accretion of Maroon Group, one of the leading distributors of specialty chemicals (CASE and HI&I) and life science ingredients over North America. This accession would support the company build up its foothold further in North America and become a global leader in the life science and broader specialty chemical industries.

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