Killer Digital Advertising Trends One Must Try in 2020
Killer Digital Advertising Trends One Must Try in 2020
While Digital Advertising has been a Heartthrob of the Adtech Arena alike

While Digital Advertising has been a Heartthrob of the Adtech Arena alike, staying updated with the current trends is a necessity. Martech Cube dissects it in and out

2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as a life-changing year for almost every individual and many industries. Some businesses are still struggling, while others get unexpected profits and lots of new customers. The digital advertising industry is also noticing massive changes, and the present trends strikingly illustrate the transformation.  We are going to explore digital advertising trends for 2020 and try to find out how to navigate the changing landscape.

In the present digital world, the fact that digital advertising is rapidly treading the path of a tornado of changes is not an understatement. In fact, it’s a fantastic assessment.

In general, the world of advertising is continuously evolving and adapting as new regulations and technologies continue to step into the limelight. While we have the brands, publishers, and content creators, on one side, the advertisers aren’t yielding on the other end.

Without a doubt, advertisers will continue to witness shifts in their businesses as the industry continues to extend its tentacles.

Here are the top digital advertising trends to try in 2020,

COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemics have a severe impact on global media ad spending, mainly because of social distancing and quarantine measures. As per Emarketer’s updated forecasts, global ad spending is going to reach $691.7 billion in contrast to previously estimated $712.02 billion. Out-of-home advertising faces the worst consequences, with consumers avoiding public places and social gatherings. At the same time, digital media consumption is steadily rising, particularly across social media, online gaming, and video streaming platforms, because of this companies are diverting their findings towards digital ads.

Advertising & Marketing go hand in hand

The divide between Martech and Adtech is narrowing. 17% of advertising executives with whom Adobe spoke to were presently focusing on integrating Adtech with Martech in 2020.

Many businesses currently see the value in orchestrating the two and building a unified experience for customers. 46% of survey respondents to 2020 Digital Trends said that they plan to increase customer experience-related spending. However, there are several barriers to entry. Many businesses will need to invest in IT upgrades.

Further breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could also solve problems around data management, helping advertisers to streamline the customer journey. Almost half of the Adobe respondents said that they are already planning to invest in these areas. At the moment, technology-driven developments are having a major impact on advertising industry. It’s likely that we’ll see more integration and better customer experience as tech stacks continue to become more flexible and sophisticated.