Ingredient Discovery and Intelligence Services
Ingredient Discovery and Intelligence Services
Pepgra's Food Research Lab formulate your next great food or beverage product by innovating in ingredients that work best for your product to compete in the market at an unprecedented speed.

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Formulate your next great food or beverage product by innovating in ingredients.

  • Your food business requires innovations in ingredients, texture, flavour, sweeteners, and multifunctional solutions to find new methods to address recurring concerns like the functionality of food products, usage of natural preservatives, sugar reduction and sustainability.
  • Food Research Lab’s cutting-edge food and beverage ingredient intelligence service and our food and beverage ingredient analysis laboratory provide immense value for your food product development process.
  • We develop a database exclusively for the ingredient and flavour sector that allows you to grasp the newest ingredient and flavour dynamics rapidly.

    Functionality: We cater to the functionality of ingredients composing the food products. Food ingredients product development has many purposes, such as providing flavour, colour, or texture or serving a specific purpose, such as thickening or setting. Ingredients may also be chosen for their nutritional value or cultural or traditional reasons.

    We provide full-fledged reports based on database insights on trending subjects affecting taste and ingredients, including ‘better for you,’ ‘gluten-free,’ ‘digestive health,’ and more.

    Analyze Trends: With our food consultants’ guidance and ingredient analysis lab, you can discover which ingredients are gaining the most traction, which categories, and the future scope of food ingredients.

    Benchmarking: Our food ingredient and product analysis assist you in comparing your products to those of your competitors to see where yours stands in terms of consumer preference, taste and other significant aspects.

    Build a great food product with Food Research Lab’s ingredient intelligence and food ingredient consulting service. We are passionate about helping our clients across the globe identify new ways to innovate their food, beverage and nutraceutical products by analyzing different components of their food products and ingredients.

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