How to Update WordPress
How to Update WordPress
One of the great things about WordPress is the fact that it is an open source. Why? Because it has a large development community and continuous renewal is released to fix bugs and add new features.

However, you might be wondering how to update WordPress. Am I right? If so, the good news is much easier than you think. This is actually easier than updating the software on your own computer.

The latest version of WordPress now has a default upgrade feature that makes updating the latest version of the breeze. Before I get there, I want to give you a good reason why you should update in the first place.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons for keeping your WordPress blog or website up to date is security. Almost all incidents with hackers returned to the fact that the blog or website owner runs the outdated WordPress version. Therefore it is very important for you to constantly save your site with the latest version. Get to know about 504 gateway timeout via visiting

Now you know why you should constantly have the latest version, let's go back to how to update WordPress. To run an automatic update, all you have to do is go to the tool section in the WordPress administration panel. Then click the upgrade link to go to the screen where you can run the update process.

If you are cutting-edge, it will automatically tell you that you have the latest version. If not, click the Upgrade button and WordPress will start an upgrade. That's all you have to do!

As you can see, learn how to update WordPress is very easy. You can get to know about 502 bad gateway via visiting