How to launch a most promising food delivery app like Zomato?
How to launch a most promising food delivery app like Zomato?
Develop or reconstruct your food delivery service with world-class features by purchasing the Zomato clone. With intuitive designs and interface, the app comes as a ready-made structure helping you launch the business in just 48 hours.

Apps such as Zomato, Foodpanda, UberEats, and JustEat are growing day by day in the fast-paced world. A Clone script is providing the much-required solution for newbie entrepreneurs who wish to start developing a similar food delivery app.

Zomato Clone Script could be the best choice to set foot into the remunerative online food industry with an app like Zomato instantly. Let’s discuss the prominent features to consider for developing a food delivery app or website.

The most prominent features of the Zomato Clone app

Features make the food delivery app more promising. Therefore, it could be better to choose exciting and user-friendly features for your app.  

As you opt for the Zomato Clone app, it comprises User App, Restaurant App, Delivery Agent App, and Admin Panel. Let’s explore the most prominent features of the food delivery clone app here.

User App features of Zomato Clone 

  • The OTP Login helps the customers sign up with the app using their phone number and enter the OTP for verification.

  • Customers can add the restaurants they like to the Favorites list so that it will be easy for them to order the food from those restaurants on a regular basis.

  • The food items which were chosen by the customers will be automatically added to the Cart. Before confirming the order, they have the option to add new items or remove the existing items from the cart.

  • The Review and Feedback feature will allow the customers to rate and review the food quality, restaurants, and delivery person.

  • The Zomato Clone app provides an array of payment modes. It includes credit card, in-app wallets, UPI, debit card, and cash on delivery.

Restaurant App features of Zomato Clone

  • Using the Product Management feature, restaurant owners can manage the menu listings by creating and deleting items.

  • Restaurants can provide new Offers, deals, and discounts to get attention from new customers. This will also help to retain the existing customers.

  • With the help of the Delivery Dispatch feature, the restaurant owners can assign a nearby delivery person for food delivery and can check the status in real-time.

  • The Restaurant Availability Status feature allows the restaurants to go offline/online according to their convenience.  

  • Restaurants can let the customers place an order at any time and schedule the delivery time with the help of Flexible Booking.

Delivery Agent App features of Zomato Clone

  • As soon as the restaurant owner assigns the delivery agent, the concerned one will get a notification regarding the Incoming orders via the app.

  • The delivery agent can accept or decline the incoming order request depending on the availability and convenience.

  • Using the GPS navigation system incorporated in the Zomato Clone app, the delivery agent can reach the customer’s location on time.

  • The delivery agent can connect with Customer care support at any time in case of queries. Also, the delivery agent has the option to connect with the customers and vice versa for clarifying doubts.

  • The delivery agents have the option to create their profile and update it whenever needed.

Admin Panel features of Zomato Clone

  • You can manage the restaurants' list with preset individual commission rates.

  • Using the Site Earnings feature, you can view the restaurants’ earnings through this admin panel.

  • You have the option to create sub-admins to manage the app’s performance with restricted access to different modules.

  • You can manage the Revenue payroll by linking to the delivery agent’s bank account and transfer weekly earnings with ease.

  • In the admin panel, you can change the Language settings to match the customers’ native language and help to boost easier access to the app.

  • To improve the app’s performance, you can release the newer & updated version for both the Delivery Agent app and the Customers app through the admin panel.

Final words

Nowadays, the Zomato Clone app development has seen an immense rise as most entrepreneurs are willing to start a food delivery business immediately. In a nutshell, Zomato Clone Script is a ready-made food delivery app solution optimized for both web and mobile platforms. As everyone plunges into the profitable food industry, making your Zomato Clone app has become necessary. It paves the way to stand apart from your rivals.