How to fix Avast Antivirus Error 12152
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Are you looking for a solution to the Avast error 120152? It is easy to stop avast popups. It is easy to install even for those who do not have the technical skills. Sometimes, however, you may encounter problems or likeAvast error code 12152 when installing Avast antivirus. This 12152 error can be caused by a corrupted or missing file during the package download.

What is Avast Error12152

·      This12152 error code will lock the active program window.

·      Avasterror 12152 is a frequent cause of program crashes.

·      Sometimes your windows act sluggish or slow and don't respond to your keyboard or mouse.

·      Your computer may temporarily freeze.

·      These12152 error messages may appear during installation.

·      12152is a critical error code.

Why Avast Error 12152Arises

·      You may need to verify your internet connection.

·      Avastcan help you find missing or missing files in your Avast download package.

·      Windows registry corrupted due to recent installation or uninstallation of any software.

·      Any malware, Trojan horse or virus infection that has corrupted Windows system files or antivirus program files

·      The software may have deleted the file connected to Avast.

 ·      Sometimesruntime issues can lead to error 12152.

How do I fix Avasterror 12152?

Method 1:

Uninstall a Previous Antivirusor Security Tool

·      Itis important to review any previous security systems you have installed before installing another.

·      You must uninstall any tools that you have previously installed.

·      Select the control panel to go to the Programs and Features option.

·      Now, remove the security system/product from the list.

·      Wait until the uninstall process is complete.

·      Now you can reinstall Avast Antivirus. Check that your Internet connection is working properly.

Method 2:

Use thePre-installation Tool

·      Launcha browser to download the pre-installation tool.

·      Follow the instructions and click to open the installation file for the pre-installation tool.

·      ClickOK to restart your device.

Method 3:

Manual Troubleshooting

·      Correct the registry entries associated with error 12152.

·      Perform a full malware scan of your system.

·      Delete temporary files, system junk, and folders.

·      Try updating the drivers for your computing device.

·      Windows can undo any recent system changes.

·      ReinstallAvast antivirus software.

·      UseWindows File Checker to verify your files.

·      FullWindows updates can be installed, followed by a clean installation.

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