How to Find Login Page on Public Wi-Fi
How to Find Login Page on Public Wi-Fi
Nowadays there are many places where public Wi-Fi is present; however, they require a login to access the internet from that Wi-Fi to work or study remotely.

How to Find Login Page on Public Wi-Fi

Nowadays there are many places where public Wi-Fi is present;however, they require a login to access the internet from that Wi-Fi to work orstudy remotely.

There are some public Wi-Fis that are more hectic when it comesto the steps to connect, with many types of login pages related to that Wi-Fi.This is the page that stands between the free data of that wireless network andyou.

As many of them require you to log in through your email id,phone number, or any other credentials, but then some other offers theconnection on watching ads or agreeing to a restricted internet usage beforeproviding access to the internet.

When you connect to Public Wi-Fi generally, the login pageappears automatically on the browser. There are times when the page does notshow up. Then you have to find that page forcefully. There are some tricks tostart that process in such conditions.

Restart your Wi-Fi Settings

This is the very first and foremost simplest trick to see thatlogin page. You just have to Wi-Fi settings and disable it and after thatenable it again. After applying it, try to connect to the Wi-Fi, and check thatthe page shows up or not.

Redirecting the Login Page

If the restarting doesn't work, the next trick you can use istrying to load the default login page forcefully. There are some web addressesthat can redirect you to the login page of the router. The web address you canuse is Thisis one of the primary and well-known sites to find the login page of therouter. In case this address doesn't work, you can use the followings:                              



At least one will work, and I'm sure of it. In case your badluck still not leaves your side, then try to change some of the followingsettings:

●       By Clearing the Caches:To clear the caches, go to the browser setting and select the clear browserData. Select the types of data you want to erase (other than caches likeHistory, Download Data, Saved Data, etc.)from the device and erase it.

●       Changing the DNS Setting to Default: For a temporary basis, turn off any alternate DNS serversyou are currently using, and just start using to defaults settings.

By the above-mentioned tactics, you can go to the login pageand start using the free internet from that wireless network connection.

In the worst-case scenario, that login page still not loadingthen there are only the last two steps remains:

●       This is the last andvery simple trick in the arsenal for the technical community, and thatis Restarting the device. You can shut down your device and restart it.Doing so can eliminate some temporary changes done within the device that whatwas stopping the network from loading for login.

●       If the last-mentionedstep also fails you, then try another network. If the same issue is generatedthere too, then just contact to the device service provider to find the issuein the device and eliminating it.

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