How to Choose Where to Place Your Bet - William Hill or Betfair
Betting has been around for centuries, helping people both win and lose fortunes.

Betting has been around for centuries, helping people both win and lose fortunes. From the simple pass-time of the masses to the high-stakes games of royalty, betting and gambling have amused, shocked, thrilled and upset generations. Time has marched on and with it the games, the stakes and the way people understand them. From the casinos meant for the rich and powerful to the betting houses of the 19th century, where anybody was welcomed, emerged a new kind of player. Nowadays, these players are looking for something new, some new kind of way of experiencing the thrill of the bet and the tension of the game. 윌리엄힐 and 벳페어 are the places to offer just that.

The Story Of 윌리엄힐

The  윌리엄힐  betting company was founded in the ‘30s by Mister Hill, in Central London, in a time of prohibition regarding betting and gambling. The only way around the strict rules of the time was to start accepting bets made via post or phone. The people would send in checks that Hill would cash on only after the event had past. Due to this technique, and thanks to his natural trustworthy nature, the company boasted over half a million satisfied clients by 1960.

Over the year, the company was bought and sold a number of times. Finally it was bought by Cinven and CVC Partners in 1999. When the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2002 it was estimated at a whopping £1 billion.

In 2000 윌리엄힐 joined the new age of online gambling and casino world and launched its first web-site. Their reputation proved once again to be a major influence over the crowds. People back in the UK still regarded the company as one of the finest in their field, and quickly took to the new approach. Outside of the UK, the fact that the platform supported numerous languages helped them reach clients from almost all corners of the world. And, to ensure they stayed in the publics’ eye for many years to come, they introduced a tax free bet for the ones made over the Internet.

Creating 벳페어

Created by Andrew Black, the platform was designed to be the next big thing in online betting. The idea was to reinvent the old bookmaker, but with a very modern twist. Andrew Black teamed up with Ed Wray and together in the year 2000 launched the website that would turn the online betting world on its head. The platform was completely different from all the others. The biggest improvement was that people could talk to each other, and most importantly give each other tips on how to bet, through the platform. Black and Wray essentially gave control over the betting back to the people doing the actual betting.

But, as any revolution goes, not everybody was happy with the new betting platform. The old bookmakers, who relied on the fact that people can’t control the odds, saw it as something close to blasphemy. They couldn’t believe that a company would actually let clients talk amongst themselves while betting and influence the odds. Others, especially the players, say it as an exceptional move and rushed to get a piece of the action. Thanks to the mostly positive press the platform got, word spread and before they knew it, the platform had attracted players beyond the UK borders. Due to strict gambling and betting rules and regulations in other countries, there were some hick-ups along the way. But nevertheless, the company grew and became a global phenomenon.

You might ask what else is there to do after you become a global betting and gambling phenomenon. Well, the good people at  벳페어  started expanding into other markets. For example they were the first gambling company to sponsor an English football team paying in the FA Cup. That team was Fulham in the ‘02-’03 season. After that they launched their very own radio station, which was available both online and offline and in 2009 they even bought the TVG Network, which would broadcast horse and dog races and also take bets. Although the principal idea of the platform was to redefine sport betting, the company added online poker and other casino games to their platform. Ultimately, they were floated on the London Stock Exchange Market and later merged with another betting power-house, Paddy Power in 2006.

How to Choose Between the Two

You can’t really make a clear choice between the two platforms. This is because they are really good at what they do. They represent some of the finest work being done in their business and none of them are showing signs of slowing down. The only way you could make a choice would be to go with your instinct. But if you’re partial to a more rigorous approach to the process you could just simply try them both and see which one suits you better.

Some things you can do when faced with a decision like this are:
• Make a list of what you expect to see on a betting platform (which sports, analysis, odds etc.) and then go online and check which one of them ticks the most boxes. Also, try and look for quality content, not just quantity;
• You can always check the betting and gambling forums and blogs, and see how other people that chose them feel about them;
• The best way to get info about them is to ask them straight up. See if they have a phone number for customer support or a contact e-mail you can use to contact them and ask them what they’re all about.
• Most platforms offer trial periods in which you don’t have to make any kind of deposit. You can try and make a trial account and see which one of them offers you the better odds and the bigger wins.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours alone. There is no scientific method to determine which one is better. They are both great companies that set out to rock the world and did just that. They might surprise you even more in the years to come. The best advice when it comes to choosing that anybody could give anybody would have to be to flip a coin and see where it lands.