How to build an Uber for Handyman app?
How to build an Uber for Handyman app?
Uber for handyman app development

When people need quick and efficient services, they make use of the handyman application. It is a forum connecting handyman with people. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are aspiring to be part of this booming sector. Here are some of the points to be considered while developing the Handyman app.

Aspects to consider while building on-demand handyman app:

Before starting with the development of Uber for handyman app, developers must consider the following factors.

  • Offer multiple services

The handyman app needs to offer multiple services like electrical, plumbing, duct cleaning, furniture assembly, home inspection, house cleaning, car cleaning services, and many more. This way, the users have the option to choose the required facilities they need. Handyman app will have more customers if they offer many services.

  • Efficient locator

Handyman app should have a technology-enabled locator so that only the professionals in the nearby locality are displayed to users.

  • Transparent Fare estimation

Once the handyman is selected, the fare must be listed based on the duration of working, service charge, and other factors. It would be useful for users to know the split-up of the services. Look out for the other features of the on-demand handyman app to understand the functioning of estimation of time and fare.

  • Multiple Payment methods

The on-demand services app should offer multiple payment gateway options. Even a layman should be able to make payment through that handyman app. Apart from the prominent payment modes like credit/debit cards, also include digital wallets like PayTM and G-pay.

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