How photographers can make an extra $1,000 this month
How photographers can make an extra $1,000 this month
We provide photographers ways to create photography income during Covid-19. With resources like our email examples, you can make an extra $1000 this month!

Are you sitting on some revenue?

Weddings, events and booked photography sessions have been put on hold, canceled or rescheduled during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although this is a difficult time to navigate, there are ways to create photography income during Covid-19. In fact, we will share ways that we believe photographers can make an extra $1000 this month!

There are many ways to increase a revenue stream of transactions with current clients who have not finalized orders and past clients who opted out of albums and products!


Turning unfinished business into earnings by helping your clients.

Think of this marketing campaign like the email you get when you have an online shopping cart that is waiting for check out. It’s a ping that something important is waiting for them. Sending simple, heartfelt reminders could ignite some income. Imagine if you are able to sell three albums this month for an average profit of $250. When clients use the Zookbinders Selection Service, you’ll likely sell additional photos that will generate another $80-$100 per wedding. That’s an extra $1000 without gaining any new clients!. Once they commit, you can offer to “add-on” Parent Albums and make an additional $100 per album sold! Parent albums and additional images in albums are just some of the many ways to create photography income during Covid-19. You’ll be close to an extra $1,000 this month in no time!



It’s important that your communication with clients offers a solution to their problems. You don’t want to come off seeking to financially gain from the current crisis, you are offering a solution and help. Customers may not have had the time or finances to order in the past but now they do, and you can help. Many couples may have forgotten that “ordering a wedding album” was on their “to do” list so your reminder comes at a perfect time.



Although it may be tempting to reduce prices in order to generate sales, it’s important to maintain your price points. It is okay to offer an incentive or an upgrade to complete a project, but you do not need to slash prices in an act of desperation. Photography from significant life events is important now more than ever.


Clients That Previously Paid For Albums and Haven’t Ordered Them

Now’s a good time to review ALL clients that you have “liabilities” on the books for. If a client pre-purchased (and pre-paid) for an album, while your gut reaction might be “I don’t want to pay for this now”, there’s always a chance that you can cover the additional cost through album upgrades. Always try and sell Parent Albums by saying: “once I design your album, your Parents can order the same design at a discounted rate….”


Where to Start? Here are Some Ideas for Email Content


An email to the client who hasn’t finalized their image selection design yet.



At XYZ Photography we sincerely hope that all your friends and loved ones are safe and healthy. During this time we are reminded of how valuable our clients are and how honored we have been to work with so many wonderful couples. We did notice that you have not finalized the images for your album. We know how important your album is and would love to be able to help you get this into design. Your album came with 50 photos and if you’d like to add more, it’s still only $10 for each additional image.


An email to the client who hasn’t approved their album design yet.



XYZ photography sincerely hopes that you and your family are healthy and safe. Our offices are quiet now and we found we have a little extra time on our hands. What about you? I’d love to help you finalize your album design. I’m excited to see the final version.

I wanted to let you know that through April 30th, all clients can take advantage of my Mother’s Day Special – Save $50 on 2 6×6 Parent Albums.


The email to the client who didn’t have an album or album credit in their package.



I hope that you are healthy and safe! During this health crisis I know that celebrations with families and loved ones are being missed. If anything right now we have the benefit of a little extra time. No commute to work, no weekend activities. It’s sometimes tough to sit still.

XYZ Photography would like to invite you to revisit and select images for your wedding album. Time flies and photography records the moments that we will treasure together with our families forever.

Right now we are offering a special promotion. If you finalize your order by April 30th you will receive a complimentary upgrade to a full leather cover.


Business as Usual

This is an unprecedented time and many people are feeling uncertain. Keep in mind that many while many businesses are on pause, others are in full swing and thriving. Reaching out to clients to remind them of what they might be missing out on is a good business practice. With the combination of building relationships for future referrals, and the suggested ways to create photography income during Covid-19, the cash flow can keep generating while preparing for a busy second half of 2020 and 2021!