How much does Content Marketing Services cost?
How much does Content Marketing Services cost?
Content Marketing Services cost

Content comes in various methods such as graphics, blog posts, and videos as it is created while keeping in mind the audience. If you are thinking about how much content marketing services costs then it depends on your business objective, size, resources, and marketing budget. There are various components that you need to understand for the growth of your business plan. However, if you are thinking to get a partnership with content marketing services then it depends on the professionals that range from $2,000 to $50,000 every month.


Here are some points mentioned how much do Content Marketing Services cost;


1. Written content


Written content is one of the best ways to transfer information and provides your company the opportunity to share the knowledge which you possess through different agencies.


  • Freelancer  


Freelancers first understand your business deeply then write in the proper manner and in various unique methods to attract your audience to your business. These freelancers charge up to $35-60 per hour.


  • Marketing Agency


Marketing content marketing services agency costs around $1,000-$3,000 per month as these offers copywriting services as it is the plan of their marketing agency. These agencies are experienced in writing for brands and experts in how to optimize copy for search engines professionally. Apart from this, to understand your business and audience more, they work over time.


2. Visual content 


Visual content is one of the best methods that you can take help from content marketing services to fascinate the attention of the audience. Additionally, it’s eye-catching as compared to the written content and easy for the audience to understand the complicated information. Also, infographics can be shared as it contains a huge amount of details and displays them in visual form. Apart from this, graphics are also beneficial to share.


  • Freelancer


Take the content marketing services help from the freelancer to design infographics for your company. This freelancer's cost depends on the freelancer's charge per hour and other charges according to the projects, however, they frequently charge up to $300+ for graphics and infographics.


  • Marketing Agency 


Market agencies also offer graphic design services to your business as it is a part of their plan. This cost is also dependent on the agencies. However they often charge up to $500 for basic micrographics and it can range up to $8000+ related to strategy, promotion, research, and data analysis.


3. Videos 


Videos are the best strategy to reach the audience without much effort. Nowadays people want to see more and more video content rather than written content because videos attract the customer more and generate more traffic. These video content marketing services charge up to $1,200-$50,000 per video and the cost depends on the video’s length. The normal duration of up to 30 seconds of the video cost less compared to the video duration of a 10-15 minute video.




Taking the help of these content marketing services is helpful for your business if planned with the right strategy as it creates brand awareness and ameliorates your digital visibility. Another benefit is that this kind of marketing has a great return on investment.