Hazelnut Market
Hazelnut Market
Hazelnut Market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 10.35% during the forecast period

Hazelnut, also known as filbert nut or cobnut, is a nut belonging to the Corylusavellana species. Hazelnut oil, hazelnut paste, and hazelnut flour are among the various hazelnut products available on the market. There are many different types of hazelnuts on the market; for example, the beaked hazelnut is a little thick-shelled nut that is highly adaptive in nature. It has a high level of resistance to EFB illness. American hazelnuts are high-quality nuts that are well-adapted to the American climate. Corylusavellana, or European hazelnut, is a native species of western Asia and Europe. Around seven or eight months following pollination, the nut emerges from the husk. The seed kernel is edible and is frequently eaten raw, fried, or cooked into a paste.


The report " Global Hazelnut Market, By Product Type (Processed Hazelnuts and Unprocessed Hazelnuts), By Application (Hazelnut-based Foods & Beverages, and Hazelnut Oil), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa) - Trends, Analysis and Forecast till 2029’’


Key Highlights:


·         Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk introduced Novelty - Silk Hazelnut chocolate with whole Turkish hazelnuts in March 2019. In addition, growers are producing organic hazelnut to meet the growing demand for organic foods and beverages.


Analyst View:


Many vitamins, including B, E, and K, are abundant in hazelnuts. Furthermore, it is well-known for delivering proteins, minerals, and healthy fats. Aside from that, hazelnuts are low in salt and can help lower cholesterol levels. As a result, they are gaining popularity among the majority of the world's vegetarian population. In the worldwide hazelnut market, this scenario is offering attractive sales chances. Several people are eating more hazelnuts in order to lose weight. Aside from that, the increased use of hazelnuts in the treatment of a variety of health problems, including celiac disease, is expected to boost sales in the worldwide hazelnut market.


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Key Market Insights from the report:


The global hazelnut market report segments the market on the basis of product type, application, and region.

·         Based on Type, Global Hazelnut Market is segmented into Processed Hazelnuts and Unprocessed Hazelnuts.

·         Based on Application, Global Hazelnut Market is segmented into Hazelnut-based Foods & Beverages, and Hazelnut Oil.  

·         By Region, the Global Hazelnut Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.


Competitive Landscape & their strategies of Global Hazelnut Market:


Key players in the global hazelnut market includes Balsu Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS , Chelmer Foods Ltd., Kanegrade Ltd., Archer Daniels Midland Company , Olam International Ltd., Hazelnut Growers of Oregon, Inc., Barry Callebaut AG , Kerry Group plc., Soparind SCA and The Hershey Company


The market provides detailed information regarding the industrial base, productivity, strengths, manufacturers, and recent trends which will help companies enlarge the businesses and promote financial growth. Furthermore, the report exhibits dynamic factors including segments, sub-segments, regional marketplaces, competition, dominant key players, and market forecasts. In addition, the market includes recent collaborations, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships along with regulatory frameworks across different regions impacting the market trajectory. Recent technological advances and innovations influencing the global market are included in the report.


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