Good Better Best
Good Better Best
Zookbinders founder, Mark Zucker, shares the idea behind "Good, Better, Best" and how entrepreneurs and photographers can apply it in making business decisions. Check out this blog from the top professional albums provider for photographers.

When given a choice of 3 items to purchase, most consumers will purchase the middle item. The psychology behind it says that we don’t want to be seen as buying the least expensive option (for fear of being labeled as cheap), and that we’re hesitant to over-spend with the most expensive option. This is why we feel safest buying in the middle. We’re all guilty of it, and the key is to use this to your advantage as a pro photographer.

Any photographer with experience selling wall art will tell you that if you want to sell 20×24 prints or canvas’, you need to show 3 sizes:  16×20, 20×24 and 24×30. If you want to start selling 24×30’s, you need to drop the 16×20 and replace it with a stunning 30×40.

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Years ago, Wendy’s introduced the double hamburger featuring 2 beef patties. Sales were disappointing and didn’t pick up until they introduced the triple hamburger. From wall art to hamburgers, people “buy in the middle”.