Getting Closer to the 5 Elements of Yoga
Getting Closer to the 5 Elements of Yoga
It is what holds almost everything up. Full of potential and possibilities.

Based on the lessons of Ayurveda, the universe consists of 5 good elements: air, earth, fire, water, and room. These components provide their personal characteristics to the living experience of ours and are definitely the foundation for our link with the points around us.


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These 5 elements are a part of the daily lives of ours and are poured into all things we do. Like the process of yoga. Yoga is a method which travels from a thought, intention or feeling to a movement within the body and returning to enlightenment.


The 5 elements move just love this and are the fundamental ingredients which blend together, creating our experience, bodies, and minds in living. Let us check out each of these components to respect the connection of ours with anything, and return to the inner selves of ours.



This part involves lightness, expansion, and movement. Infusing this particular element to yoga produces a focus on inhaling. Pranayama, or breath control, lets you open and touch the senses of yours, leading a route of suggestions, inspiration, and power towards you.



Representing fluidity, connection, and adaptability. It injects the practice of ours with compassion and resilience which provides us fluid movement, constant joints, and also an agile mind.





Planet is about being focused and will be the expression of all things you do. Connecting this particular element to the yoga of yours is going to boost support in the foundation of yours (sitting bones, hands), feet. It focuses on maintaining recognition of how physical landmarks and these positions affect the experience of yours in practice.



It is what holds almost everything up. Full of potential and possibilities. The space ingredient in yoga is composed of being present and being aware of what you're sticking with; whether that is an emotion or maybe tension or thought you have to forget about.


We obviously relate to one element much more effortlessly compared to others. In the yoga practice of ours, we wish to enjoy a balance of the components to bring harmony to the life of ours. Which part do you connect with much more in your practice? Join a course at Uptown Yoga Dallas as well as experience the therapeutic qualities of getting the elements into balance.