Get into IDO launchpad development with a Whitelabel Cardstarter Clone.
Get into IDO launchpad development with a Whitelabel Cardstarter Clone.
Let Your Cardstarter Platform Be The Best Space To Make Right Crypto Investments

Initial DEX offering is a fundraising model preferred by blockchain projects to raise funds for their development. However, they don't get the funds they deserve as they remain unseen by potential investors. That is where an IDO launchpad like Cardstarter clone comes in.

They support these projects by bringing them to the spotlight. Do you know businesses have raised around 1.7 million just through IDO launchpads? It is a potential area of investment in the crypto field.


Cardstarter clone - a secured IDO Launchpad

A cardstarter clone is a Whitelabel solution with a rich set of features just like the Cardstarter. It is a decentralized platform that lists down the project only after a series of verifications for the authenticity of the projects. Whitelabel solutions are nothing but pre-developed and tested clone scripts that are open to customization. That is, they can be customized right from the blockchain they are built to the features and user interface.


Cardstarter clone is an affordable solution that is cost-efficient and takes less time for development. The time might vary depending on the level of customization required. 




Entrepreneurs find Cardstarter clone development a better option than developing an IDO launchpad from scratch. You can get in touch with exceptional developers in this field who are well-versed in Whitelabel platform development. They can guide you through the whole process seamlessly. This is the right time to get into the blockchain field, so act up right now.