Features To Include In Zomato Clone Script
Features To Include In Zomato Clone Script
Most people have food delivery apps installed on their smartphones. It has become conventional for people to order food from their favorite restaurants through food delivery apps.

Businesses can captivate the presence of the worldwide audience by building a splendid Zomato clone app. Offer best in class experience for the stakeholders, namely admin, user app, and delivery professional, by incorporating amazing features in the app. Here are some of the features to consider:

Web Portal/ Admin app

Admin dashboard: The dashboard offers the overall view of the business operations. The status of the orders, number of customers, and so on. Admin can gain complete control of their business with their powerful dashboard.

Analytics & Reports: Every business needs to evaluate the current state and take the necessary actions. It can be easily achieved through the advanced analytics reports panel. The graphical representation of the current business status in terms of order undertaken and revenue made is part of the app. 

Users app

Social media account integration: Customers can connect with social media handles and easily login anytime they need through the applications. It also allows customers to share their favorite cuisines in social media and WhatsApp.

Search option: Customers can search and quickly locate their favorite restaurants through the app.

Multiple payment options: There are various digital payment and in-app wallet options for customers to pay for their food. 

Community forums: Customers can post their queries related to food and have them clarified by experts such as cooks and dietitians.  

Track driver: Customers can track the driver upon placing the order through real-time tracking features. They can also connect with them using the in-app call options. 

Real-time availability: Once the order is placed, the esteemed time for delivery is provided to the customer considering factors like food preparation time and delivery time. Based on these timings, customers can be prepared beforehand. 

Build a Zomato clone script considering these factors and offer a memorable customer experience for your target audience.