Family Business Centers, Family Businesses Meet Capitol Hill Representatives to Discuss Critical Issues Face-to-Face
Family Business Centers, Family Businesses Meet Capitol Hill Representatives to Discuss Critical Issues Face-to-Face
Families Air Views on Legislation, Formation of New Family Business Congressional Caucus

Washington DC, June, 2022 – Family business members and Executive Directors of Family Business Centers were invited to meet their Congressional representatives on Capitol Hill as part of a series Family Enterprise USA sponsored meetings held this month.

The Capitol Hill visits, held June 14 and 15, were designed to get family business owners and Family Business Centers members directly in front of congressional decision makers to discuss critical issues facing multi-generational family businesses in America.

The meetings for family business members and Family Business Centers started at the Washington D.C. offices of law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck on the morning of June 14, where Brownstein tax expert and lawyer Russ Sullivan and Brandon Roman, of Squire Patton Boggs, discussed advocacy strategies and key talking points important to multi-generationally family businesses.

New Family Business Caucus Proposed

In total, 33 Capitol Hill meetings were arranged by Family Enterprise USA. The meetings included in-person visits with representatives and staff members from New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, California, Tennessee, Ohio, and Virginia.

A key discussion point throughout the meetings was the formation of a new Family Business Congressional Caucus. The proposed bi-partisan group of House and Senate representatives would focus on addressing critical issues facing all families that have built multi-generational businesses.

As part of the June 14 family business discussions, Dr. Frank Luntz, political strategist, provided an overview of Congressional issues facing family businesses and key messages effective at reaching legislators. Family business members and Family Business Centers also heard directly from those working on The Hill, with a presentation by Sen. John Tester’s (D-Montana) senior staff member, Justin Tolson.

In addition, family office directors and managers met with legislators the following day and were part of the annual Private Directors Governance Summit, organized by Family Business Magazine.

“It is rare that we get to sit down with our legislators on Capitol Hill and have them listen to our concerns directly,” said David Plimpton, chief executive officer, Inolex, a natural ingredients producer based in Philadelphia. “I think this is the most powerful way to get our message across, person-to-person, and we can hear directly from them too about the realities of the legislative process.”

House Ways and Means Committee Meeting

During the Hill meetings, family business members, directors and managers attended a working lunch with the staff of the House Ways and Means Committee at which Pat Soldano, president of Family Enterprise USA and Policy and Taxation Group, presented new research on family enterprise attitudes and opinions affecting family businesses.

During the meetings, congressional representatives and family business attendees agreed the Family Business Caucus was a positive development and organizers expected co-chairs for this new caucus to be secured in the in next few months, according to Family Enterprise USA president Soldano.

“This was a great opportunity for families and family enterprise members to meet their representatives and to discuss in-person the critical issues affecting them,” Pat Soldano said. “By listening first-hand to actual families affected by legislation, the elected representatives heard directly what matters most to these important constituents. It brings the reality of negative legislation to life, and it can really make a difference,” she added.

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