Excimer Laser Devices Market Overview
Excimer Laser Devices Market Overview
Excimer Laser Devices Market

Excimer lasers, also known as exciplex lasers, are a type of ultraviolet laser used in the manufacture of microelectronic equipment and devices, as well as eye surgery, semiconductor-based integrated chips or circuits, and micromachining. An excimer laser is made up of reactive gases like chlorine or fluorine, as well as noble gases like krypton, argon, and xenon. The excimer laser market is divided into three categories based on emission wavelength: less than 200 nm, 200 nm – 300 nm, and more than 300 nm. Industrial equipment, aerospace and military, automotive, and healthcare are some of the end-use industries that have been segmented in the market.

Microelectronic devices and equipment, as well as UV photolithography, are two of the most common industrial applications for excimer lasers. Excimer lasers produce a substantial amount of ultraviolet light, making them ideal for surgery. This is propelling the excimer laser devices market forward. Furthermore, excimer lasers can be found in research laboratory equipment. Photolithography for semiconductor chips, laser ablation, micro-structuring of transparent media, pulsed laser deposition, eye surgery, laser marking, psoriasis therapy, and dye-laser pumping are the most common uses for excimer lasers.

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