Everything You Need to Know about a Taurus Woman: Traits & Characteristics
Everything You Need to Know about a Taurus Woman: Traits & Characteristics
Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is why a Taurus woman is elegantly stubborn about her manners.

When you meet a Taurus woman and you are attracted to her, it becomes important to know everything about her. A Taurus woman is a fiercely independent woman who likes nothing less than her ambitions. They are proud and stubborn in their beliefs, practical and manipulative in their behavior, and have a direct approach. They do not like any type of change or uncertainty. They are not ones who like surprises or adventures. They are the most misunderstood sign. As people mistake them for laid back personalities.

So if you're looking to impress a Taurus woman, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Here you will find everything you need to know about a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman Good Traits

Born between April 21 and May 21, Tauruses are the strictest of individuals. The Taurus sign that your zodiac shows is representative of your fixed thoughts. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is why a Taurus woman is elegantly stubborn about her manners.

They are deep thinkers and therefore reflect deeply on ways of life, love, work and the future. They do not take rash risks, but carefully decipher the situation to arrive at a safe solution. They are extremely passionate about the things they love. His loyalty is unquestionable. They can alternate between gentle and fierce depending on the need of the situation. They are the wise and noble personalities 733 angel number meaning.

Taurus Woman Bad Traits

They have fierce personalities, but the arrogance and ego they reflect can be difficult to deal with at times. They are very firm and hostile. This makes them disinterested in spontaneity. They are strongly against any kind of change in their lives. They prefer to vibrate with nothing in their lives. And this makes them slow in many ways.

They can be intimidating and their resistance can collide with stupid things or actions. They don't get angry easily, but when they do, they lose their patience and logic. They can also be very vindictive. They are experts in manipulation and know how to make things work in their favor, in unpredictable situations. Another bad quality of a Taurus woman is that they are very repressive with their thoughts and can easily frustrate the other person.

Taurus Woman in Love

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. That's why Taurus is sensual, longing and sexy, both inside and out. They are extremely passionate and fall in love with passionate men who are equally interested in love and other jokes in life. They are the most loyal partners in a relationship. They are patient and kind with their partner. They know how important it is to give their partner space, and that makes them even more anxious.

When it comes to sex and romance, Taurus women are the epitome of lovers. They are sensual to the core and can reach the point of pleasure at any height. They love sex and everything related to sex, but only if they are in a serious relationship. They are not the adventurous type. They are looking for lasting romantic romances. They are not the type of women with flowers and chocolate, but they have their ways of falling in love. They're old-fashioned about some things, but they won't shy away from getting physical 3344 angel number meaning.

Dating a Taurus Woman

If you plan to propose to a Taurus woman, get ready for the most romantic and erotic phase of your life. They are not easy to impress, but you can tap into their emotional side if you get to know them the right way. They do not like expensive gifts or extravagance. They prefer a simplistic way of life. However, you can easily impress them with your efforts.

They are very loyal and trustworthy when it comes to dating. But never lose his trust. They can also be insecure, but they are very wise and practical.


Being an earth sign, Taurus women love to get in touch with their roots. They have simple goals in their lives that can lead them to a relaxed life. They appreciate good food and good wine. They have a fancy option and won't accept anything less than that. They are not adventure seekers and prefer to stay at home. They do not like large crowds and enjoy the company of their closest friends 8282 angel number meaning