Everything to Know about Microsoft 365 Subscription in 2020
Microsoft 365 is what its name represents; the subscription bundle from the Microsoft is replaced from Office 365.

Everything to Know about Microsoft 365 Subscription in 2020

Microsoft 365 is what its name represents; the subscription bundle from the Microsoft is replaced from Office 365. There might be some changes and improvements that could happen in the bundle, but currently, there are no signs of that. The company might target the “family” and “Home” plans and will let the uses know about it when all these changes will happen with service. Well, with the new name, the benefits of this modification are not clear at all and also no idea of what users will get from the free side because there are many apps and services are giving similar things. Currently, Microsoft account holder is getting 5GB of cloud storage free in OneDrive that you can also upgrade if you want more storage.

If you sign up in Microsoft 365, then you will get 1TB of storage in OneDrive space along with a bundle pack. You can also use some extra features. With the power of adding password protection on the shared link, you can set the time of their expiry. You will also be able to detect the ransomware detection along with recovery for the protection of files through locking or rolling them back.

Having an enormous amount of storage, you will be able to add an unlimited number of files into the Vault of OneDrive. But if you are not a paying user, then you only have a limit of putting a maximum of three files in the Vault. In terms of service, there are not many things coming through paying. However, the users will get the timing of 60 minutes on Skype for a month. You can call on any landline phone or any cell phone anywhere in the world without any extra charge.

Microsoft is working on an iconic user-friendly feature through Team apps that will help in growing the business. With this app, you can contact your family and friends, share files, planning trips, and many more things. Teams will handle most of the things from your college work to the people you spend your life.

Microsoft hasn’t clear that what features they will provide exclusively with Microsoft 365. They are providing Teams to their users for free to business users. Its premium version provides more storage, record meeting, schedule option, and few more security features. To get full details, users need to wait for a longer time.

In Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook for macOS, and Windows users. These software could be available at a reasonable price. From Microsoft account, the access of Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is free on the web. These are basic online versions of the desktop app. In mobile devices, Outlook application is free for everyone.

These free packages might be enough for a lot of people where Google and Apple’s office complete suit is absolutely free. All the apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel have many features that are hard to count, but over time these features are improved and polished greatly. In Google and Apple, these apps work great, and users are also enjoying these apps to use within.

In the latest feature of Excel, there is a feature of Money-add that automatically imports the bank feeds and gets them into a template for a preview of finance perfectly. In Microsoft’s upgraded editor, the writing style, meanwhile, utility, spelling, and grammar are also way more raised up. If you subscribe to Microsoft 365, so you offer more fonts, clip arts, more templates, and more stock previews by just utilizing free apps of mobile and web versions.

Now, if you are curious about the pricing of Microsoft 365, then it is no different from previous, and it is remaining the same as before. Your personal, yearly, monthly plans are the same as before at the same cost, but now you will get some additional features.

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