Investing in eco-friendly alternatives to the things you use on a daily basis is a significant step toward a greener lifestyle. When considering promotional pens, it is tempting to immediately go for the plastic varieties. If your firm is concerned about the environment and finding environmentally friendly alternatives for promotional pens, you have numerous possibilities.

Which Five Types of Promotional Pens are Environmentally Friendly?

The price of the newest generation of Personalized Pens in Bulk has decreased, making them more accessible to consumers on tight budgets. As a result of rising demand over the last several years, the price of environmentally friendly promotional items has decreased. People who care about ecology are likely to be impressed if you give them a pen that is beneficial to the environment.

When it comes to green marketing, eco-friendly personalized pens are used rather often. Pens that are crafted from discarded coffee grinds, wheat husks, or rice husks have garnered a lot of attention recently. These pens, on the other hand, are held together by ABS plastic, which cannot be broken down in the environment. 

As a result, you wind up with a pen that doesn't only fail to decay over time but also cannot be recycled. You cannot recycle combined materials. The personalized gifts that are created from recycled paper or plastic are the most environmentally friendly option.


Have a look at the excellent example presented here!


Wheat Writer Dash Pens

When it comes to promotional pens that are kind to the environment, the Wheat Writer Dash is one of the top picks. You're going to fall in love with the vivid orange, blue, and green colors, in addition to the stylish grey and natural, all of which are finished off with silver plungers, clips, tips, and accent stripes. 

The traditional plastic used in the production of these pens has been reduced by half due to the use of wheat straw polypropylene in their construction. The testing shows no sign of gluten that can be extracted from the recovered stalks of wheat that have already been harvested. These stalks are renewable and sustainable.


rPET Oasis Pens

You are correct in your assessment if you believe that these environmentally friendly promotional pens look just like well-known water bottles. The recycled polyester used in the production of the rPET Oasis Pens is acquired by melting down used plastic bottles in order to produce fresh polyester fiber. 

This process is known as "rPET." The opaque blue barrels are accessorized with black, blue, green, orange, or red plungers, depending on what color best complements the imprint of your company logo. When the Oasis has reached the end of its useful life, it may be recycled since it is constructed from bottles that have already been used.


Recycled Pens

When promoting your company with environmentally friendly notebooks, it is imperative that you also provide personalized pens at wholesale prices to go along with the theme. This Recycled Pen has a barrel made of paper that has been recycled after it has been used by a customer one hundred percent, a clip made of natural wood, and accents made of post-consumer recycled plastic that are either blue, hunter green, orange, pink, purple, or red. The Recycled Pen is an excellent product to take into consideration if you are interested in incorporating environmentally-conscious practices into your marketing campaigns.


Widebody Recycled Plastic Pen

Even though we are big fans of recycled paper barrel pens like the one seen above, there are times when promotional items need a little bit more color to be in line with the intended statement of the business. There are 17 different colors of plastic that may be used, and these colors can be combined in a variety of ways on the barrel, plunger, and tip to produce over 300 distinct color permutations. 


Ecolutions Tri-Stic

Each of these gives three sides, each with a separate imprint in a different hue, and all of this is done on an environmentally friendly body and trim. Seventy-three percent of the white barrel, as well as the colorful clip and trim, are constructed out of pre-consumer recycled plastic pieces that were obtained from manufacturing companies for reuse. In order to create pre-consumer recycled plastic pellets, the pieces are flaked, combined, and melted.


What Benefit Do They Exhibit?

Even if a significant amount of commercial activity has moved online, physical writing implements nevertheless have a place in marketing and advertising efforts. People will always feel the urge to write. Therefore, you should make sure that the bulk pens with the logo they grab for are ones that you've provided for them.

42% have a more positive image of an advertiser if the promotional goods they get are environmentally friendly, so giving eco-friendly promotional pens is a wonderful place to start if you want to make a good first impression. This number increases to more than 57 percent if the beneficiaries are between the ages of 18 and 34, and it rises to 49 percent if the beneficiaries are female.

Combine procuring eco-friendly promotional pens at wholesale prices with purchasing eco-friendly promotional journals and use the pair for direct mail campaigns that promote virtual events, remote staff onboarding programs, or client thank-you presents. This will allow you to make a gift that is more significant for the recipient.


The Bottom Line

Making the move to environmentally friendly practices is not difficult since there are sustainable alternatives available for almost all of your favorite items. These alternatives not only have a fantastic appearance but also have prices that are affordable.