Enjoy The Extravagant Artistry With Peter Waterfield
Enjoy The Extravagant Artistry With Peter Waterfield
“Peter Waterfield is an artist who creates stunning airbrush paintings and 3D artworks.”

UNITED KINGDOM: Peter Waterfield is an artist based in the UK who creates fantastic paintings with airbrushes and does 3D artworks bridging sculptures, painting, and light installation. He graduated from the Southampton Art College of Higher Education in the UK and since then, he started his journey as an artist by first mastering the art of airbrush painting and eventually diversifying his skills into the fields of 3D artworks. With over 20 years of experience in making astonishing artworks, Peter was able to create his own signature in the artworks of the UK.

For two decades between the 80s and 2000's he mainly lived in Johannesburg South Africa, building a successful business from the ground up, using his passion for paint and lifelong desire to become an accomplished artist as his lifeblood. Peter then moved to Australia in 2004 exhibiting his creations throughout several corporations with different Charity organizations and fairs. All proceeds collected from these events were donated to the Homeless and Brisbane's St.Michael Church. 

Visit to see and buy from the gallery full of his extravagant artworks. He possesses an ability to articulate both traditional and non-traditional artistic concepts into real and imaginative works. He takes custom artwork orders as well.

CONTACT INFO: +447597 695825