enaible Launches to Bring AI-Powered Leadership to the Enterprise
enaible Launches to Bring AI-Powered Leadership to the Enterprise
Proprietary Productivity Score and Leadership Recommender™ Drive Radical Productivity Increases for Customers

Today, enaible, the AI-powered leadership company, launched to drive radical productivity increases to enterprise companies. enaible’s team, spearheaded by CEO Dr. Tommy Weir and COO Mischa Zielke, has over 40 years combined experience in leadership and business intelligence hrtech news. enaible is an artificial intelligence company that provides concrete productivity metrics and customized recommendations to organization leaders. After a wildly successful pilot phase with customers across the globe, enaible is now making their technology generally available to the Fortune 1000, government agencies and beyond hrtech.

Despite continuing advances in technology, productivity is stagnant in the US and beyond. Tools and technologies that were supposed to create more time and mindshare for high-level tasks have left employees perhaps busier, but no more productive than before. enaible’s AI delivers normalized productivity scores and actionable leadership recommendations so company leaders can spend more time leading and less time being busy.

“Enterprises today are looking for a way to buck the trend of flat productivity in a way that results in increased prosperity throughout their organization, from the individual employee to the company’s bottomline,” said Dr. Tommy Weir, CEO and founder of enaible. “It’s been incredibly validating to see the results from our initial customers, and we’re excited to offer enaible to other leading businesses that have been searching for a solution that is fresh, human, and demonstrably effective.”

The enaible platform offers enterprises both a comprehensive, normalized productivity score, as well as a recommendation engine to provide ongoing support and prioritized, actionable recommendations for company leaders. enaible’s proprietary productivity score utilizes existing system data to quantify productivity at the aggregate and team level through a multi-dimensional analysis of capacity utilization, consistency and quality impact. The company’s Leadership Recommender™ is the first of its kind and allows enterprises to go beyond an initial score, so that team leadership can leverage personalized and evolving recommendations on company productivity and performance hr data. These recommendations help leaders from all industries better their best and drive productivity growth.

enaible’s AI Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm powers the company’s platform and ensures that productivity is accurately measured. A breakthrough at the intersection of leadership science and artificial intelligence, the Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm simultaneously factors in complexity, sequence, internal and external factors, patterns, time of day, and duration to deliver the world’s most accurate productivity score.

“enaible’s AI reveals the true nature and scope of a company’s work in a way that was previously impossible,” said Jeet Shangari, enaible’s CTO. “Our customized scores normalize productivity across department, role and task to provide leaders with the only definitive, granular view of organizational productivity. Best of all, enaible uses existing system data, eliminating the need for costly, complex data engineering projects.”