Employ the best Udemy Clone app to kickstart your business instantly
Employ the best Udemy Clone app to kickstart your business instantly
Even though there are so many e-learning apps in the market, you can mark your place by launching an Udemy Clone app with unique features packed.

In the earlier days, it was indispensable for students or learners to attend offline classes and gain knowledge. Whereas, they can now avail themselves of any course online without any hassles. There is no fixed time in availing online courses, and it is upto the learners' choice to make use of their precious time to opt for it and complete it within the deadline.  

It is the eye-witnessing change to the traditional learning system, which has taken a drastic shift with the advancements in technology. One such leading e-learning platform is Udemy that enables learners to build their profile professionally as well as grow personally. This wonderful opportunity aspires them to opt for online courses and thereby the demand for eLearning apps.   

The blog will give you insightful information about stepping into the e-learning market with Udemy Clone. It's clear view motivates you to launch your app. Take a glance at it!

Impressive stats and facts of the global eLearning industry 

  • In 2019, the global eLearning industry was valued at $101 billion and is expected to increase to $370 billion by 2026. 
  • Another report shows that the eLearning market’s net value in 2020 was $250 billion and is projected to surge at a rate of 21% for the period from 2021 and 2027.  
  • There is an estimation that the corporate e-learning industry will rise by $38.09 billion in the course of 2020 and 2024. Notably, IBM saved nearly $200 million once they switched to the online learning platform. 
  • Furthermore, the United States eLearning market is also expected to grow at a fast pace and touch $15.86 billion by the end of 2021. 
  • The stats and facts as mentioned above imply that there will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who enter the e-learning industry.  

Why an app like Udemy to step into the thriving industry?

Undoubtedly, since the launch of Udemy, it has marked its place in the e-learning industry with its offerings of diversified online courses. 

An Online education platform like Udemy paved the way for learners to sharpen their skills. Its business model facilitates the instructors to upload courses that the learners will enroll upon making payment. 

Its stats & facts:

  • Udemy was established in 2010. It has nearly 40 million learners registered in the app and 70,000 instructors. 
  • As of now, it provides more than 157,000 courses. These are available in over 65 languages to reach a global audience. 
  • There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has raised its popularity. Due to this, approximately 3000 courses were added.  
  • In 2020, it was valued at $400 million with the implementation of revenue strategy by charging the instructors.   

Witnessing its growth, it would be wise to mimic its business model and launch a similar app for both Android & iOS to grab the attention of broad users worldwide.  

What is Udemy Clone Script and how does it benefit you?

Udemy Clone Script is a pre-fabricated eLearning app solution, which will be similar to Udemy in terms of features and functionality. Instead of choosing to develop the app from scratch, opting for a ready-made Udemy Clone app will be the best. The following benefits have been the reasons for entrepreneurs to choose this app solution.

  • Customizable 
  • Scalable
  • White-label
  • Quick launch

Above all, the time required for app development using this script will be less, which will be nearly 4 to 5 weeks. Therefore, it will be cost-effective. However, there is a high chance for you to reach a global audience in a short span. 

How to develop the best Udemy Clone app?

  • In the initial stage, you have to do some research about recent market trends. Alongside, never forget to analyze your competitors. 
  • Most importantly, it is a prerequisite to determine your target audience and know their demands/expectations/preferences. 
  • Make sure the app you launch must be user-friendly with the inclusion of significant features and an appealing user interface, crafted using cutting-edge technology.
  • Once you are sure about your app idea, it is time to make it a reality by approaching a mobile app development company. Ensure to choose a suitable one. 
  • Discuss your app idea and get it crafted. The app you get should be free from glitches, errors, bugs, and issues. This is to ensure a seamless & smooth user experience. 
  • Meanwhile developing the app, you can implement effective yet simplest marketing strategies to build brand awareness. You can make use of popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get noticeable from millions to billions of people across the globe.
  • After completing the app development process, it's time to deploy the app on Android, iOS, or both.   

Final say

In a nutshell, launching an eLearning platform like Udemy will bring success to your venture. The unavoidable fact is that almost everyone is inclined to use eLearning apps, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. This was where the demand for such apps rose tremendously. Utilize this ever-flourishing opportunity by launching the best Udemy Clone app in the eLearning market.