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Howto apply for master's degree and doctoral studies


•        Getting a student number/universitynumber does not imply that the applicant has been accepted for the programmethey applied for. A student number/university number is issued foradministrative purposes only.


•        All documents must be certified by acommissioner of oaths, attorney and/or university official.


•        If any of your qualifications wereobtained at any non-South African institution, an evaluation certificate asissued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be submitted.Applicants can apply for the evaluation certificate from  SAQA.


•        Please note that if any of the documentsyou have to submit were issued in your maiden name, you have to also submit acertified marriage certificate.


•        Additional information may be requiredby the relevant faculty - please be sure to check faculty websites. Get moreinformation about NWU University Potchefstroom Courses


Postgraduate studies at the NWU “Thepurpose of doing research is to solve problems that limit the growth anddevelopment of societies, communities, businesses and individuals. At the NWU,we remind ourselves constantly that we are here to make a difference inpeople’s lives and to nurture nature. By taking care of some of the problemshumanity faces today and producing students ready to reshape the world, we arebuilding a better university and a better South Africa,” says Prof Dan Kgwadi


Howto register for master’s-degree and doctoral studies


Studentswho have successfully applied for their studies may register before 31 March ofevery year. Students are reminded to always mention their studentnumber/university number in all correspondence with the University. You are nowpart of a larger NWU community. Whetheryou reside in a university residence, a flat or other private accommodation,you are just as much a part of the NWU as any other student.