Digital Marketing Course Chennai
Digital Marketing Course Chennai
Find the list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Chennai along with details on curriculum, faculty, fee, locations, and placement

Digital Marketing Course Chennai

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The average digital marketing manager salary (as per Payscale) in Chennai is INR 637,120. Is that not motivating enough to pursue a course in digital marketing and start your journey? To assist you in decision making, we bring you a list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Chennai.


The digital marketing course in Chennai seems straightforward. But it involves a large amount of planning and details, given the various components that make for a digital marketing strategy. There are multiple constituents of digital marketing, taught in different modules in a course. Each can, in themselves, be individual job profiles.


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In an attempt to enlighten candidates on the various sub-profiles of the digital marketing career, today, we will discuss in brief the roles, responsibilities, and salary of a social media marketer.




Social Media Marketing, as the name implies, is the utilization of the various social media channels to promote or market services and products. The most popular social media platforms today are:


The use of social media channels has gained importance today, thanks to the amount of time that most people spend on such platforms. It is an easy and efficient way to connect with the audience. On average, in India, people spend at least 2.4 hours on social media, which is in-line with the global average.



With the statistics mentioned above and ease of internet access, it is clear that marketing through social media platforms is a significantly productive and viable option. Some of the merits and ways to leverage social media marketing include:


There are a plethora of more benefits, but the above are the more important ones.


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A social media marketer should have an excellent understanding of how each of the various channels works and how to optimize content to make it engaging. Some of the job profile requirements/responsibilities include:



The national average salary for a social media marketing manager in India is INR 548K/year as per Glassdoor. Whereas, a social media marketing executive (fresher) salary on an average is INR 3,00,000 in India. The higher the experience, the better the pay is, which is valid with every job.



IIM SKILLS is a premium institute offering world-class job-oriented courses at cost-effective prices. Within just about five years, IIM SKILLS has gained stupendous popularity. The core tenet of IIM SKILLS is practical training to bridge the skills gap.


A remarkable feature of the courses at IIM SKILLS is the perfect blend of classroom learning and real-time training that ensures students are industry-ready immediately after the course. Though content writing is the flagship course of IIM SKILLS, its digital marketing course is one of the best in the industry.


The seasoned trainers at IIM SKILLS provide an enriching and inspiring experience to the students. The courseware is co-created meticulously with industry experts and is in-line with the strategic expectations of global businesses.


The digital marketing training at IIM SKILLS provides the budding digital marketers with excellence at every level, boosting career prospects, and propelling their minds to achieve success.


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Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503

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Digital Scholar is an extension of echoVME by the renowned digital marketer, Sorav Jain. The main focus of Digital Scholar is to fill the graduate-employee skills gap in the digital marketing domain. The institute provides custom programs for students, corporates, and entrepreneurs/solopreneurs.


With its inception only in 2019, Digital Scholar has already made its mark and offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Chennai. The founder, Sorav Jain, has at least 12+ years of expertise in the digital marketing industry and has worked with 100+ clients. Learning from industry experts ensures trainees get the best in terms of quality training.


It is the only agency-styled institute providing hands-on digital marketing training to its candidates.



Contact Information:

1B, Sapna Trade Centre,

135, Poonamallee High Road,

Pursaiwalkam, Chennai 600084

Phone: 91692-31231



Digital Marketing Courses (DMC) is an extension of Zuan Technology in Chennai. It offers an extensive range of online marketing courses in the fields of digital marketing, web designing, HTML, and WordPress.


With a unique training methodology, Digital Marketing Courses offers one of the top digital marketing courses in Chennai. The professional training at DMC ensures you become an expert within a short duration. DMC has a decade worth of experience; it provides the best industry exposure in the digital marketing domain.



Contact Information:

New No. 61, Old No. 36,

2nd Floor, Arcot Road,

Kodambakkam, Chennai- 600 024

(Near Meenakshi College Bus Stop)

Phone: 90255-00600



Courseinn Academy provides training with in-depth knowledge of various courses. Primarily, it has training programs for marketing, programming, development, and software testing.


It provides top-notch marketing guidelines with separate courses for every aspect of digital marketing. It is undoubtedly one of the top digital marketing courses in Chennai.


Courseinn provides instructor-led classroom training, online training, corporate training, and internship training. Trainees benefit from career coaching, resume feedback, and mock interviews.



Contact Information:

New No 126, Old No 71, 1A, Race View Tower,

Opp to Metro Railway Station, Anna Salai,

Guindy, Chennai-600032

Phone: 99620-97767



With its inception in 2014, Web D School offers high-quality training in various short-term courses at a reasonable price. From humble beginnings, it has grown enormously. It is one of the best institutes providing digital marketing courses in Chennai.


Some of the top courses on offer at Web D School are:


The main aim of all the courses at Web D School is career enhancement and employability.



Contact Information:

174, Doshi Garden, Basement N.S.K Salai,

Arcot Road, Near Vijaya Health Centre,

Vadapalani, Chennai-600026

Phone: 97913-33350


IIM SKILLS Chennai Digital Marketing Course Invite



Besant Technologies is a leading IT and software training provider in India. It has about nine centers each in Chennai and Bangalore.


The institute provides training for software testing, digital marketing, cloud computing, web designing and development, mobile applications, robotic process automation, and many more. It offers excellent digital marketing courses in Chennai.


The institute provides online training and corporate training. It is also into contract staffing and ERP services. The institute coaches students for interviews and helps in placement after completion of various courses.



Contact Information:

No.8, 11th Main road,

Vijaya Nagar,

Velachery, Chennai-600042

Landmark: Reliance Digital Showroom Opposite Street

Phone: 80997-70770



Zuan Education is an academic and training arm of Zuan Technologies. While Zuan Technologies offers services in design, development, and online marketing, Zuan Education provides quality education with real-time training and hands-on experience.


With a grand start in 2011, in 2020, Zuan Education continues to keep pace, adding in courses for new and latest technologies helping students and professionals. Currently, it has 30+ courses. These come under the realms of marketing courses, business productivity courses, web design, and development courses, programming courses, and cloud courses.



Contact Information:

New No. 61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road,

Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024

Phone: 90255-00600



Skartec Digital Marketing Academy is an innovative education and digital marketing training institute. With over five years of experience, SKARTEC has a productive training process that ensures employability.



Contact Information:

238, Rohini Flats, Thirumangalam,

Anna Nagar WestChennai-600101

Phone: 97414-27564



Peridot Systems is a leading IT training institute that offers classroom and online training. Apart from IT courses, the institute provides top-notch digital marketing courses in Chennai.


It is a trusted brand in the IT training sector with skilled faculty, well-equipped labs, affordable fee structure, and employment assistance. They have over 50 courses on offer. The institute also caters to corporate training and is into staffing and recruitment as well.



Contact Information:

Ground Floor Ground Floor, Kamatchi Krupa Apartments,

No:#8/84 Venkatarathinam Main Street,

L.B. Road, Venkatarathinam Nagar

Adyar, Chennai- 600020

Phone: 044-42115526



E-Search Advisors is one of the well-known digital marketing training institute offering great digital marketing courses in Chennai. With its inception in 2015, E-Search Advisors has like-minded people with a passion for sharing knowledge in the digital domain.


Since then, they have been enlightening people and training them, paving the way for a rewarding career and transforming businesses. Initially, into digital marketing services, they transitioned into training to enable more and more people to become digital marketers themselves.



Contact Information:

Old No: 10, New No: 18, 1st Floor,

Jayamal Road, Anna Salai,

Teynampet, Chennai-600018.

Phone: 73587-55422




An online digital marketing course is just as effective as an offline digital marketing course if not more. The only thing is you have to be diligent in pursuing the course.  They provide a variety of important features like quick query resolution, interactive immersive learning, updated content on their LMS and websites.


The course range can be very wide depending on the institute, the mode of training, and the brand name. The course fee for a detailed digital marketing course can be anywhere between Rs 25000 to Rs 35000.


You have SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, content marketing, advanced blogging, digital media, Email Marketing, social media marketing among the main concepts covered in a digital marketing course.


The duration for a comprehensive digital marketing program is around 3 to 6 months (12 weeks-24 weeks). Practical assignments, case studies are also included in the course.


While choosing a digital marketing course, you should carefully check the curriculum, trainers’ qualification and experience, and the number of practical assignments incorporated in the course, internship opportunities. You should also check whether the fee is commensurate with the features provided.



The Digital Marketing industry is overflowing with opportunities. Make use of the current demand and follow the trend to make a career that will be in demand for the long-term. Most digital marketing courses in Chennai also offer short-term courses in the sub-specialties. There are separate courses on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click, advertising, etc. If you are not comfortable with the enormous role of a digital marketer, then you can take up these specialized courses and still land a job with an enviable pay.

{ "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Is it beneficial to take up an online digital marketing course?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "An online digital marketing course is just as effective as an offline digital marketing course if not more. The only thing is you have to be diligent in pursuing the course.  They provide a variety of important features like quick query resolution, interactive immersive learning, updated content on their LMS and websites." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What is the fee for Digital Marketing courses?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The course range can be very wide depending on the institute, the mode of training, and the brand name. The course fee for a detailed digital marketing course can be anywhere between Rs 25000 to Rs 35000." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are the different concepts covered in a digital marketing course?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "You have SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, content marketing, advanced blogging, digital media, Email Marketing, social media marketing among the main concepts covered in a digital marketing course." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What is the duration for Digital Marketing courses?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The duration for a comprehensive digital marketing program is around 3 to 6 months (12 weeks-24 weeks). Practical assignments, case studies are also included in the course." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What should be the criteria to choose a digital marketing course?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "While choosing a digital marketing course, you should carefully check the curriculum, trainers' qualification and experience, and the number of practical assignments incorporated in the course, internship opportunities. You should also check whether the fee is commensurate with the features provided." } }] }

{ "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "name": "Digital Marketing Master Course", "image": "", "description": "A remarkable feature of the courses at IIM SKILLS is the perfect blend of classroom learning and real-time training that ensures students are industry-ready immediately after the course. Though content writing is the flagship course of IIM SKILLS, its digital marketing course is one of the best in the industry.", "brand": "IIM SKILLS", "sku": "A161", "offers": { "@type": "Offer", "url": "", "priceCurrency": "INR", "price": "29900", "priceValidUntil": "2023-12-31", "availability": "", "itemCondition": "" }, "aggregateRating": { "@type": "AggregateRating", "ratingValue": "9.9", "bestRating": "10", "worstRating": "1", "ratingCount": "931989" } }

Table of Contents

How will one know whether this course is suited for someone? I am someone who is new to this digital marketing field and I absolutely have no idea about what it is. I have seen and heard that there are a lot of job opportunities in this field, and that’s the reason why I am here writing this long long comment about my problems and all. So how do I know whether I am up for it? Otherwise, it will be like I ended up enrolling but even after a few classes I am not able to keep up and then there goes my money. Are there any free classes that I may be able to take before submitting the form. Then I could check a few institutes before deciding on one. I think this is a basic problem anyone has. The anxiety of selecting a particular institute among the hordes of so many. I have read your posts and I often keep up with your blogs as I always find it refreshing and informative to read. I once read your post on content writing and suggested it to my sister. She is now a full-time content writer at TATA. This is a newly updated post and again the writer has done amazing work at writing this article. When I decided to join this training program I first checked out your blog. And I am happy it didn’t disappoint me. There’s just one pillar standing between me and the institute and that is ‘is it alright for me to join this course.’

Hello. Good morning sir. I wish to enroll in this course. I have always liked the idea of work from home. And this course will definitely give me the upper hand. I have been living in The States for the last five years but due to Covid19, we had to settle back in India. So I don’t have much idea about the institutes from here. I see that you have listed a wonderful row of institutions but I still would like to hear your personal opinion regarding this matter. And I mean any one of the commenters can give me advice you are welcome to do so. I wonder if one can get recruited by the institutes where they are offering internships. Do the institutes recommend us if we apply for other companies? I wish to work with Oracle. What kind of opportunity can I expect to get from these institutes if I complete this training program? Do I need to show my certificates of graduation for applying for a job? I graduated from St. John’s University. How should I proceed further? I am at a complete loss here. Hope you guys can help me figure this all out. Also, are the classes conducted through video online? I am having a bit of a problem setting up my laptop and all. I am not even getting someone to fix it at this moment. So for the time being can I attend the classes through mobile? Or is there an institute in this list that may offer recorded classes? It would be better for me to apply to that institute then.

It’s so hard to choose institutes if the list always praises each and every institute. The article is great no doubt, but maybe you should have pointed out both the pros and cons of the courses. I read an article earlier where this was pointed out very clearly. So it was easy to decide. But alas that blog does not post article on online teaching courses. Please note that I am not at all disregarding your hard work at all. Just wanted to tell you so. Since things are like this why don’t you suggest an institute? I am sure you are far far knowledgeable in matters regarding these. Also I am someone who haven’t graduated yet. Do I still qualify for this course or for I need to complete graduation? If it is it would take a long time to join again. I thought of joining other training programs but I suppose their certification doesn’t hold much value. I have read reviews about them earlier. I am curious to know does also online shopping be regarded as marketing? There’s also Instagram or facebook ads about different company products or of courses. What category of shopping do these things fall into? Many people open a page or group of their own in facebook specially an advertise their products. Is this also a part of digital marketing? Does marketers need to advertise products of their company online and that what’s this course is about? Its just that I have heard different answer from different people. I would like to hear your view about this.

Thank you for the detailed list of institutes along with the introductory details. It was a very helpful article. I thought copy writing was a part of content writing but here it seems to be a digital marketing, I didn’t know that. Other than the scopes you mentioned are there any other field where a marketer can work. Is PR management also a type of digital marketing. Though digital marketing mostly involves online based work and researching. I am currently working with Reliance and would like to take this course. I want to work as a freelancer. Also I would like to dig a bit deeper about the first two mentioned institute. No doubt I have heard these names before. If I am not wrong, they also offer content writing courses. Well I wanted to ask about the admission procedure. do we just need to fill the form and pay? Or are there any kind of aptitude tests? If there is I would have to prepare for it. Mostly online courses don’t have this thing, but it better to be sure than to risk it. It’s been a while since I have last studied so it would be challenging to do so. But I really like these institutes and if there is any kind of free classes or if I can talk with the lecturer I would be more sure about which institute I would like to join in. So think you can fill up in with the details?

Hi. I am employed as a software professional in one of the most reputed companies. But I want to expand my career possibilities further. So when I came across this topic I knew this had to be the course. I am very much interested in starting my career as a marketer. There are so many job options in this field. And not only me, my sister would also like to take part in this training program. She has also completed her studies at business management. But she is currently in pune. Would it be a problem if someone from pune applies to any of these institutes listed here? Before deciding to join here she completed a short course on pr management. Marketing courses are so beneficial. I think even if someone don’t pursue a career in marketing after this course, it’s still fine, because have a knowledge about this is plenty enough and it would also add significant value to your resume too. In job interviews they don’t much look at what institute you have passed out from, but the value of your qualification and knowledge about that subject is what it counts. At least it’s the way I like to think. Though many may disagree. Still it was a nice article. Thanks.

Excellent article. Thanks for this. I came across this article when I was looking for online courses which are currently in trend now. I don’t know how this course slipped through my mind. I mean it’s an ever popular course with its ever evolving market growth. It has significantly risen in the past few years. Not only this course but other courses related to this field too. I like the institutes listed here and I would like to enroll for this course. But I am currently helping my professor with research papers and I am not sure I can manage these two things together. I am an English post graduate student. Currently working part time and applying for further studies. I was always interested in this field but since it’s a deviated from my study line I never got a chance to consider it. I would like to apply for this course but if possible I would like to join a demo class. I know a few institutes that offer demo classes, but I guess not everyone does. This option of joining a demo class is so helpful. Getting an introduction before starting a new journey is a great thing. At least I consider it to be so. I wish every online institute offered this option.

Sir I am interested in this course and I would like to enroll. I have completed master’s in English and this year I was supposed to apply for m.phil. Currently I am preparing for ssc. Am I eligible for this course? I am not from commerce background and I don’t have any knowledge on marketing. Would this course affect me somehow as I am not quite acquainted with this subject? I am starting from complete zero. As in many places they think that those who are applying for this course obviously has the basic knowledge about this subject so they kind of start from an upgraded level. Those are not that beginner friendly. How will I know if these institutes are like that or not? I am interested as this course offers many opportunities for jobs but I am not confident of the course will start from a level two version. Can you tell me which institutes among them are beginner friendly? Your suggestion will greatly help. I will also look through the institutes in the mean time. Thank you for taking your time to read this article. looking forward to your answer.

Mam I want to join this course. but I am not sure which institute to join. I can see many others have this doubt too. as for my qualifications, I am studying to be an interior designer from IIFD, Chennai. I am first year student. I was interested in this course and now I would enroll for online trainings. The institutes mentioned here are most commonly be heard also. I have read many small blogs about this course earlier. It has high job rating all total. And since online training gives the chance to exploring this course I am excited to learn more. I feel like I have already learnt many new things from your article. As Chennai is a big city, there are numerous institutes offering this course, there are also a few crash courses, like a two week course, so it becomes hard to decide. Anyways I would like to take time to complete this course. since it’s my first time reading your blog and also the first time that I want to enroll at an online training, can you give me some advice. It’s fine even if you don’t reply back. I don’t have any complicated questions to ask you. It was nice reading your post. I feel like I moved one step closer to obtaining what I want. Thank you.

Hi. I would like to join this course. at first when I read the introduction I was shocked to see the a marketing manager’s pay scale. I am solely looking to join this course because of the wide range of job options that I will get. I have already completed my studies, yet due to this lockdown a year is being just wasted like this. I am feeling so restless. To take my mind off things, I thought of joining an online course. it’s really frustrating to those who would have been employed is the situation was normal but now have to wait for the situation to resolve. I like the list you have give. And the curriculum. Nice work done, by giving in all the information in a summarized way. I really appreciate it and I am sure many readers will fill so too. I have completed my studies in economics major and I am looking forward to join one of the best companies in India. Chennai has a lot of possibilities in this sense. There are many courses one can opt for. I am so thankful that I live here. We moved to Chennai a few years ago, solely because of my studies. I am a fast learner, and I have done many other computer courses. I am also a good copy writer. I completed this course from udemy a few months ago. Seems like I can apply my skills in this training program. Looking forward.

Marketing is such an interesting field for study. And nowadays more and more people are being attracted to join this course. like them I am also one of those attracted people, mostly because my group of friend are interested in this course. We all are second year students, economics graduates and some of us are from journalism department. We all decided to research on our own and apply for this online course. It’s a great opportunity for us to widen our horizons. We are looking forward to these classes. We haven’t decided on a particular institute yet, but I am so happy I got so much valuable information of these institutes. Thank you for the detailed analysis. I liked reading your article very much. And I am so excited to comment here and read all about this course topic. and also I liked how you gradually progressed with your article, from the introduction to the list and finally the conclusion. It’s written in a really wonderful way. I am not much of a writer nor I can distinguish between good and bad writings, but I had no difficulty reading your article or in understanding it. Thank you. Nice work.

Hey there. It’s a very informative article. Really a nice read. I totally agree with you in what you said at the beginning of the article. I think it’s quite a common knowledge but still it’s such a booming field in today’s career line. And it’s sure to increase in the following years. Even if one does not want to think of making this a career its sure to prove very useful in the future. especially for students in the marketing and management fields. I am always a fan of keeping updates on latest marketing trends and this time I want to learn this course. I was so excited when I saw an article on this topic at facebook. I think I kind of need that push to go forth an d look for institutes. I am grateful that I started to look for this course in the prime time. I hope that I am not late for enrollments now. I guess batches have already started. I am looking forward to the next batch. So excited. Thanks for this article. I feel more excited to join this course after looking at the curriculum. I am self taught in some of the areas, so I hope my rough knowledge on a few topics prove to be useful.

Hey. I am interested in this course. I am studying marketing anyways and it would be perfect to learn more about digital marketing. Digitalization has become a core part of our life. And standing in today’s job market, whether you are a marketer or in the business stand point, a course in this subject is always a blessing to have. It can provide so many opportunities. And one can also learn by seeing other professionals at work and further improve their career too. I am in my first year now, maybe we will come across this topic a bit later in our curriculum. but since I saw this article I just had to read it. Sir can I join this course in middle of my course? would it be a problem if I did so? I don’t know about the dos and do nots of this course. I would like to hear your opinions too. it seems there are so many enthusiastic readers like me too. I am sure we would like to hear your opinion. As you have said, Chennai has a huge possibility for marketers. This course is also quite popular worldwide too. Marketers are always needed to build up their brands image and to excel from their competitors. This is a very interesting field, with full of challenges and possibilities to broaden ones horizon.

The introduction was pretty powerful. With lots of strong messages. I have been considering this course for a while now. There was a small lectural class on this topic a few days ago by a reputed marketer at our college online site. And after hearing him I got pretty motivated to join this course. Also he recommended online coaching as the best choice for now. Well it’s not like we had any other options currently. I am a second year student in journalism and mass communication. I have always had this idea of learning what marketing was all about, but ii never had thought I would be joining one. I am so glad I got to take part in that lectureship and also I found one of the best institutes to join for this amazing course. And it’s thanks to you. Your article helped me decide on the institute. I really liked reading your article. and it seems I am not the only one. Anyways thanks a lot for this article. It’s a worth learning training course. I be confused by the curriculum right now, but I think I am going to enjoy the online classes. I am so excited.

Hey. I want to join this course. I am not last year post graduate student and also a blogger and photo editor. I wanted to join this course for its wide possibilities in the job market. And it’s always on the rise. But can I apply for this course. I am also not quite sure about the requirements of this course. Do we need something to be prepared before enrolling this course. Some computing or marketing skill for say. I have no idea on marketing or anything on that line. Can I still join this online training program? I am interested because, it’s an online program and recently I am looking for different course fields online, due to this lockdown situation. This is a very common field and a popular course on top of that. So before choosing any institute, I was hoping if I could know if I can apply for this course. If I can I would like to go through the article once more and choose an institute as per my liking.

Sir I want to enroll for this course. I am still a student. So can join this course. I like how you have added the detailed curriculum for each institute. It’s so informative and helpful. I don’t need to go to the institute to look for these things. I have been curious about a few topics related to this course. I wish to be a programmer. This course may not be directly related to it and it’s not really important to learn this otherwise. As I have already known all the basics of this course. But it never hurts to have a bit of an extra qualification on hand. I would love to enroll for this program. The only thing is, I hope the course is not an online interactive one. recorded are best to be avoided. But for me, I don’t have any particularly definite timing to join this course. So I would appreciate if it is not an interactive one. I hope to find the right institute to join this training.

Hi. I would like to know a bit more details on this course and about these institutes list. These institutes are pretty well known, but there are many other institutes too, online training institutes. so how did you choose these institutes list? I am not complaining, but it’s just that I was recommended to join an institute that offered both online and offline classes, but I didn’t see that name here so I was a bit curious. But it’s certain that the list you have given above are quite interesting too. specially with their curriculum and their teaching methods. I am certainly interested to join an institute which can offer me an internship. This is an important step towards getting a job. Also I wanted to ask if a person could not attend a class how can they return to their trainings? Since some of the institutes offer interactive classes how will we be able to join or hear that days training session?

Hi there. I like your blog. I also am here because I am interested in this course and I would like your assistance in picking up an institute. I haven’t felt this confusion for a long time. Last time I remember struggling through institutes list was when I was attending my post graduation university. I had a difficult time deciding on which college to apply for. It funny how some people don’t change through time. I am now currently working with TCS at Delhi. Just got started a few months back. I want to enroll in this course since I have some time now. I feel there’s more to learn about this subject than I learnt before. I had previously attended a small short term course on this topic as I thought it would be enough to just know the basics. But it seems it would have been better if I were to take a full course training on this topic earlier. So I wish to enroll now. Thanks for the help. Your article is well written.

Hi sir. I am a social science student second year from Loyola College. Due to this lockdown there’s so much time at hand. Even the classes are sometimes being held online. So I thought of indulging myself in a study of a completely different subject, when I came across this topic. My friends also encouraged me a lot for this study. I was also hoping to learn more from you. I like your article very much so like others I was also hopping if you could tell me a bit more about it. I have read your article and found so many interesting points to note. And not only that, even the institutes that were noted here had so vivid description to them that it became harder to select a particular institute. Nevertheless I already have something in mind. It’s just I am not sure if they are accepting students now or not. But I would like to check out the first two institutes from here. If you have any suggestions please tell me then.

Hello. Hi sir. I read your article a few days ago and I am interested in joining this course. I would like your help in selecting the Institute for this course. I was hoping you could help me choose the perfect Institute out there for this course. Online courses has always been a popular topic among students and even employees. I would like this chance to get myself familiarized with online courses. I am a first year student from science department majoring in chemistry. Marketing has always been a subject of interest for me. Furthermore I heard that marketing has a great possibility for getting an online job. Till now I have only read about this subject so I don’t have much knowledge. It would be great if you could share your expertise on this subject a bit. It will further help me to prove my understanding for this course. I have read the Institutes listed in this article and I have taken a like for certain institutes but it would be better to know your opinion before applying anywhere.

Hey there. I came across your article not too long ago. But I kind of put it on hold for other reasons. And I am now more than happy to read your article. Your blog has an awesome collection of different articles from different cities. It would have been so great if there was any option for subscription for your blog. Kindly see to it. I believe there will be many who will look forward to your new article updates. I really like your article and the way you have written it. I wish you luck for your upcoming new articles. Thanks a lot for this one.

Hello. Good evening sir. I wanted to thank you for your article. Just a few days ago I read your blog and I enrolled at an institute. I have now officially started my marketing classes. And I am enjoying them so much. It’s been so much fun to learn new topics daily. And at the end of the day they give us small copy missions which are really challenging and interesting to do. I am looking forward to complete the training, grab that certificate and open an account at freelancer. I have come so far with the help of my teachers and I also wanted to thank you for your cooperation. Your article really helped me out in this. So thanks a lot.

Hi. I read your article and I like your article very much. I was quite doubtful about the course and what I would do after I have completed my course and all. But thankfully your article and another one, really helped me solve my problems. I wasn’t even sure how I should start looking for articles on this course. I just typed for online digital marketing institutes in Chennai, and I saw your article listed. I am excited and nervous for my first class. I wanted to tell you that I have applied to an institute and my classes start from next month. I am looking forward to my classes.

Hey there. Can I apply to this course even if I am interning at an company? I am nearing an end to my internship, so I thought of applying to this course. Is it possible that I can select a date for my online classes to start. Or is there a order to the things. In the past I applied for some online courses where I could select the month and date I am comfortable with, so is it also possible for this course? I would like to know about this. If there are any institutes like this among this list, can you point it out for me? it would be of great help then.

Thanks for including the detailed info about social media marketing too. It found it very helpful. I have been interested in this course since first year, and now I have completed graduation. I am looking forward to join an institute online. There are so many sites that give the best lectures and classes on marketing. It’s a really profitable business skill that helps one to advance their career at full speed. And as you have said earlier the rate for marketers are always advancing at full speed. It really is an ever booming industry. One can never tire of, given the changes and challenges it brings with it. I am excited to start this course and see where it leads me too.

This is a great article on this course. I am not an article expert for sure, but I know one when I read it. I am a final year post graduate student. I am majoring in geography. Though marketing may not have any influence on the subject I am majoring in, I am still very much interested. I have heard so much about this course. And I am not entirely unaware of the career opportunities that this course has. So I want to enroll in an online institute and learn more about it. Its my first article reading on this. I looked for top 10 digital marketing institutes in Chennai, and landed on your page. Seriously thanks for all the info you shared with us on this topic.

Hi. I want to enroll in this course. I live in Hyderabad and I have completed graduation. I work with a designing company. Even though my field is not particularly in the marketing team, I still wanted to explore this side of the line too. Due to this lockdown we have some time off and I want to indulge myself into a new hobby or course. And I find this course very interesting. Rather, I find your article particularly interesting. It’s so weird as I have never felt this urge to try marketing. But this may be a little change for me. and I am so looking forward to it. Thanks for this article.

Hello. I want to enroll in this course and I would like to ask if its possible to ask for flexible timings for the classes. It would help me a lot. I have been thinking of signing up for this course for a while. But I was not confident enough. There are so many reviews about online classes which ended up as a failure or the institute was also fraud. And to note one of the best institutes was also defamed for not having regular classes on the said timing and all. At first I thought of joining a free class, but I wasn’t feeling too good for it. Anyways, if I am to complete this course I would like to do it from an online reputed institute.

Hi. I applied for this course online a long time ago before I got a job as a writer in one of the companies. But since it’s a lockdown period I just thought of reviewing the course studies and going through them once again. It may help me have a part time home based job later on in the future. I saw your article when I was looking for digital marketing courses in Chennai, 2020. I competed marketing training from one of the offline institutes back in like five to six years ago. So I am not really familiar with the online institutes now, specially the new ones. I hope you can guide me through them and help me choose the best one out there.

Hi. I want to apply for this course. I am interested in this course and I wish to apply at one of the top online institutes. Many institutes are well recognized, but their certification value is not that great. I mean, yeah you get all the knowledge required for the field, but its difficult when its not all that appreciated by your future interviewer. Honestly that’s awkward. I have always sticked with offline institutes and courses, so I am just being careful before applying anywhere. I hope you can give me better guidance than the opinions I have for these institutes. Please help me out with these online institutes.

Hello there. I read your article on marketing and also a few other topics on marketing too. And I think its one of the best articles so far. I didn’t get to complete the whole article in one go but maybe I will do so afterwards. I just got a job as a freelancer and its taking me some time to settle down and move my timings a bit. I need to adjust first before enrolling. So I am kind of just snooping around. I feel I got to know about few of the best online institutes out there. I am happy for that. I wish I get to apply for this course soon.

Hello there. I came across your article when I was looking for digital marketing courses online in Chennai. There are always hordes of sites ready to plunge right into when someone’s looking for courses. The worst experience I ever had was to subscribe with one of the sites as I liked their articles, but later on that become too annoying. So I tread carefully now when I start subscribing or bookmarking sites. Your site is also one of those sites which I really respect and I think it worth recommending over. Thanks for all the info here, its really useful.

Hello. I am interested in this course. I hope to join this course by this month. I am a first year student in commerce. I saw a lot of online related course based on my field of interest and among a few of them I wanted to give this course a shot. I have read about it in different social media sites a lot and I have a general idea about it. But will it really be too much to join this course at first year? Should I wait till another year? I don’t understand what I should do. Can you please help me out a bit?

Hi sir. I am interested in this course. I saw your article when I was looking for online digital marketing courses in Chennai. Coming across amazing information articles in this sea of searches, specially for marketing courses which are well popular, I will say it is none other than luck. And by luck I want to mention that I wished to attend an institute on content writing and I applied for iimskills and it seems this option is available here too. I am so glad that I can join this amazing institute once more and start my amazing journey. So thankful; for this post. Its an amazing post and well written one at that. Keep up.

Hey there. My name is Akansha Roy and I am a first year arts student. I am really drawn to this course for some reason and I want to apply for this course online. I hope all the institutes online are still accepting forms for new batches and I hope I am not late to that. As it stands it will take another few days before I can decide down on an institute. even I am not sure that would be a good choice. So could you also help me out and point out an institute of your choice. I will think over it then. No matter what it will help me have a bit confidence?

Hi. I am interested in this course. I would like to know more about details about these institutes. When does this course begin at an institute, does the new batch begin every month or should we check on them regularly. I wanted to know more details regarding the first two institutes. I like their curriculum and facilities they provide during and after course is completed. I think it will be beneficial. Also the internship training really caught my attention. It would be great to participate in an internship. I hope to know about all these things before enrolling. Hope you can reply back soon.

Hi. I am interested in this course sir. I work as a trainee analyst at tcs. Though I have been interning for a month there was so much to learn from, and after talking with few of my fellow interns about marketing and all, I gradually became interested in this subject. I checked your article a few weeks ago and I selected which institute I would like to join. But it was just recently that I got to enroll there officially. I am so grateful for this article. That’s why I just wanted to drop off a comment and thank you for this amazing post. Thanks so much. Well done and keep at it.

Hey thanks for putting all those data’s in the introduction. It was very interesting to read about all of these. I think it made the article look more credible. I went through the list and no doubtedly there were institutes that are really well known for this field. And I am sure that their certification and internship are invaluable assets to experience and have too. I am looking forward to their training program. I stumbled upon your post as I was searching for digital marketing courses in Chennai. There are so many institutes out here. One can easily gouge the value of this course just by going through it a bit.

Hello sir. I came across your article on a social media account a few weeks ago. Though I forgot where I saw your article at first. I remembered your article as I thought of checking out online marketing institutes later on. But who knew I would once again come across your article like this. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I like your article and your writing style. I too sometimes write on a blog. So I really like easy going understandable articles. And also thank you for posting this article cause I can already say that I will find my ideal institute from this list sooner or later.

Hello. I have completed a few online courses in the past. But most of them included writing courses and trainings. I want to apply to this course as I was interested in taking part in this course after reading a post on marketing. I have yet to start college. So I am not so sure about this enrolling thing. Do you think I am suitable to apply here? The courses I have done till now were all conversation type of courses and I am interested in this form of learning. Which if these institutes offer this course like this?

Hello sir. My name is Sukanya and I am currently studying journalism. I wanted to explore different fields and this field seemed pretty interesting to me. I want to join this online program. Can you tell me sir how I can use this skill in my journalism program. I am mostly interested in reporting, so marketing in that sense has no direct relation to my field. Having a basic knowledge and in details knowledge is certainly different. Shall I opt for a free course then? I actually saw your post when I typed for digital marketing courses in Chennai online. So sir what do you think I should do?

Hello. I saw this article and I want to enroll for this online course. I took classes on a few online platforms. And so far as I went through them, I felt like it would be good to get a different prespective of online platforms or registered institutes offering online classes on this marketing course. So I really like this article. I like how the institutes are presented. So I am excited to take a step forward and go on enrolling to the institute that is perfect for me. Though I like all these institutes I am very excited to find ‘the one’. So thanks for this. And I wish you all the best.

Hi. I saw this article on a social media site just as I was getting a bit anxious over this period after my exams and wanted to indulge in something interesting. Though I have never thought of trying marketing, it was still a subject of much interest. I came across a long list of institutes when I opened the marketing sites and so I thought of changing my way of searching and here I got a few lists of articles. I am very satisfied with this article. Only in a few of the articles, I have read, did they mention and note down things so vividly. I have always thought it would be a bit nerve wrecking to take up marketing when I am not from the commerce section. So does this affect the course somehow?

Hello sir. I am interested in this course. I am employed at an IT sector right now. I have just started as an intern when this lockdown started. So I haven’t started working in its truest sense. I want to take this time to learn so things. In the past few months I have participated and completed an online course and also I have completed four months of internship. Now I want to learn about marketing. I have come across this course a lot in the past and I have also attended a few seminars on it. I want to see what the online courses teach us about. I came across your post when I was looking for digital marketing courses in Chennai. If I need any help please help me then.

Marketing has many kids of categories. Will these courses complete all of those categories within the span of 2 months? I don’t trust online institutes that much but I am definitely interested in their internship programs. And some of them even promise to provide job recommendations. Supposedly we enroll at an institute and later they back down from their words. What are we going to do then. As there are numerous positive remarks on online courses there are negative ones too. So how do you differentiate between them. I know about two or three of the institutes that they are really noteworthy, but what about the others? I would like to know about them more. Could you explain a bit.

Hi. I want to opt for this online training course. I am in my second year and I am majoring in education this year. Originally I am from another state currently staying in Chennai for educational purposes. I was wondering if that would be a problem later on. As due to this lockdown I am currently in my home town and I am opting for this course from Chennai institutes. Will there be any problems later on? I didn’t find many options for online institutes otherwise. During my free time I want to apply for this course. I am really looking forward to your answer. I have also completed a few additional courses that may go well with marketing course. So I am curious to know about it.

Hi. I saw this article when I was looking for digital marketing courses in Chennai. I am interested in this online training course. except for having online classes now, I have also partake in an online course which was mainly focused on digtal applicances. So I was interested in this course after that. In fact I saw this course op up my screen as a notification as I was looking for courses related to digitalization for the past few months. I am familiar with the online training process and I am comfortable with it. And with the list that you have noted here, I don’t think I need to look for any further. Thanks for this amazing article.

Hello. Sir I read this profile and I want to ask you if there is any kind of restriction or age limit for applying to this course. I have searched about it before but though there were not any mention of this, but I was still wondering if there will be any problems. I want to restart my career after a long time so I wanted to do and attend a course online and also if that course could provide me job like work from home, it would be better. I have majored in computer science. So I want to ask you if there are some thigs I should know for applying here. I liked this article so I hope you can reply back to me.

Hi. I read your blog and I am interested in this course. I would like to take this course during the next month. I read about it online some times and I found my interest growing with this course. I am still a beginner in fields of this course topic. I would like to learn this and if possible built a career on it later on. I do hope this course does have the facility to work from home, since its mostly been like this since this year mainly. I want to express my gratitude for writing this course. I love this article and I loved reading it. Thanks so much. I found this article to be very useful and informative.

Hello. I want to apply for this course. I was searching for online institutes for this course when my friend suggested me to read this article. he too had taken an online course from a very good online institution before, and he came across your article too. Sadly though his course was mainly of writing so I couldn’t join that institute, since they didn’t provide marketing courses. But thanks to your article I got to know about this institute. I really liked your article too. I really helped me out a lot. I hope to get enrolled in the next batch soon. If I have any sorts of problems in getting enrolled will you guide me then?

Hello. I want to enroll in this online marketing program. And is it true that anyone can apply for an internship after the training period is over? I would like to attend and internship. Also does this course include workshops? Or is it just the internship? Would you tell us more about it? I am curious to know about the assignments or tests we would need to attend. Even if you cant tell me accurately, could you then at least say which of these institutes offer both internship and workshops? And if one is not accepted for internship will they still get job placement helps?

Hey. I am looking for marketing courses. But seriously! This is so much more difficult than any other random thing that I ever had to find on the internet. So many courses, so many institutes and so many promising websites. But its so hard to find out ‘the one’. I found this one article as I was searching for digital marketing courses in chennai. I have been looking for these institutes for a few days and one thing that I am absolutely sure of is that I want to enroll in an institute which are offering internships with credible online tutors. So I really hope to join an institute which will also give me a letter of recommendation along with the certificate.

Please recommend an institute with 100% placements in chennai.

Hello. I was looking for online courses and I came across this course. I am a first year student in the architectural department. Sir I wanted to ask if there were any needs of this marketing skill in my study course line. I do not know much about this line, but it seemed interesting. And after reading a few articles, few of the topic like affiliate marketing and seo were really interesting. So I am hoping to approach this course through mainly focusing on this line. So I was hoping to find a good institute to apply to. Could you kindly help me out and point out the institute suitable for me?

Hi. I want to take part in this course and I would like to know more about the requirements for this. Also will it be a difficult choice for someone if they are from the science stream? I have just started college this year and I was looking out for online courses and I thought it to be a good idea to