Difficulties in Writing Marketing Assignment
Difficulties in Writing Marketing Assignment
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Difficulties in Writing Marketing Assignment

Difficulties in Writing Marketing Assignment

Marketing is a social process, implemented by companies to advertise their products to acquirethe attention of the public, to know what the general mass desires in terms of products andservices by the exchange of views. It also helps the companies to know how their product orservices are doing in the market and what people want to say about the same. The marketingassignment project should focus on these parameters while writing assignment. As marketing isabout knowing the consumers, improving the products to satisfy the desire of the customers,keeping the consistent good quality of the product along with customer interaction. There aremany tools by which the research work for writing marketing assignments can be done better.However, a student might face a lot of problem while writing on a tropic for marketingassignment. The reasons can be-

Lack of time
Scarcity of knowledge about the concepts of marketingNot knowing the guidelines of the university
Lack of interest in writing academic work
Lack of confidence and concentration
Lousy writing skills
Submission deadlines

Marketing assignment needs a lot of research work on various topics related to business andmarketing. The areas of business can be retail, production of service and product and wholesale.Marketing assignment of a MBA student deals with market research, market segmentation andanalysis etc. The marketing subject requires a solid base of understanding about the concepts ofmarketing along with some research work information and references. The assignment projectsare allotted to students to make them learn and understand certain topics. The marketingassignments for MBA students should include facts and diagrams related to the topic. The factsand concepts should be included in reference point. The marketing assignment writing is given tothe students who are pursuing management studies. The assignment writing enhances theknowledge of the students during their academic career.


Why students require the help of an expert to write the marketing assignment?

Marketing is known to be one of the most popular subjects that youth pursue now a day. Thefield has well known career opportunities for the students as result students are drawn towardsthe subject. This also makes the marketing subject so competitive and demanding among thestudents. At the time of hiring the new intern, the companies look leadership qualities in themarket management fresher as a corporate sector also needs a candidate who is more practicaland can utilize the theoretical leanings in the marketing field. The help for assignments onmarketing also looks for the ways of how a student can represent himself and the ways ofcommunication to advertise the products and services to public. In the assignment not only theconcept of marketing or marketing strategies and its implementations are given but also the

different researches that are done to achieve the concept. Many a times the students facecomplexities in completing a file in that case expert helps can be taken.

Writing help in marketing assignment

For writing an assignment on marketing by experts, there are few major steps that need to beaddressed-

The first point is to deck out the significant information on the topic and on marketing segments.The marketing assignment is needed to learn about the new findings and facts related to theadvancement of marketing studies. The marketing assignment is to find out the new facts and olddata to increase the efficiency to conduct the marketing strategies. If a student is struggling in anassignment specially marketing then he/she should not be ashamed to take the guidance of aexpert professional or his/her own teacher.

The topics that should be there in Marketing Assignments

Here are some of the most important topics that should be included in marketing assignmentsare as follows-

Market management researchMarket management segmentationMarket management relationshipsMarket management homeworkMarket management internet helpIndustrial marketing researchE-marketing assignment
Market Analysis assignment

The tips for writing an effective marketing assignment are as follows-

As it has been observed, marketing has developed vastly over the last couple of years. It is asubject where practical plays a important role as a result most students prefer to choice thesubject as their core subject of interest. It has been observed that practical helps the students tounderstand the subject better as it takes the help of case studies and real-life assignmentsexamples. Many colleges and universities even keep marketing as a co-curricular subject for theoverall development of the individual student; this makes the students to submit project works


related to marketing thus leading them to better presentation of themselves through the help ofassignment. Sometimes assignments needs rigorous research work and through details of thesubject or the topic of assignment so that students can get a overall knowledge of the subjects.Assignment work is beneficial for the students as it helps the students to get easy better gradesand excellence in academic performances.

There are many tips that can be helpful in making an effective and unique marketing assignment-

1) The topic of choice should interest you- As an assignment requires time to complete so astudent must choose a topic that interests the individual personally. If the topic does not interestthe person then it would be tough for the individual to continue doing the same stuff for twoweeks or so. Depending on what the assignment is about, one must choose the topic of interest sothat he/she is able to brief about the topic in the assignment properly or choose a product orservice that he/she would be confident enough to write about.

2) Research well- A student should well research about the topic before starting to write aboutthe topic. Various aspects and formulas of marketing can be made understandable by thechallenges that the students face.

Difficulties in Writing Marketing Assignment

The common problems that students face while writing marketing assignment usually for thefirst time can be numerous. Some students even get nervous when they hear of writingassignment and specially if the assignment is a marketing assignment. In case of marketingassignment, a student is required to put in more effort for completing the file and even moreeffort to make it a impressive one. Marketing assignments can be tricky and difficult incomparison to other assignment. It requires the student to have proper knowledge aboutmarketing along with some technical skills. It consumes a lot of time in comparison to otherassignments.

What are the common problems usually faced by students in order to complete marketingassignments?

1) Lack of Knowledge

When you sit to write a marketing assignment, the first thing that is expected that you have aclear concept and knowledge about the subject. If the basic concept related to the subject,(marketing) is not cleared then it is very common for the person to face difficulties in writing theassignment. As marketing is all about concept, if the student lacks in understanding that then thestudent will also lack in submitting the assignment in a impressive way. So before one starts

writing the assignment of marketing the student go through the different concept related to the itand ensure that all the concepts are clear in his mind. This is the most essential step beforestarting to write the assignment.

2) Leaving the work for the last minute to complete

Students usually fail to provide a stipulated time for the assignment to get completed, as a resultin last minute they do everything in hurry resulting in poor grades and poor assignment. Oneshould keep in mind, not to delay the assignment work for the last minute before the submission.This applies for the marketing assignment more than that of other assignments.

Marketing assignment as a result needs lots of dedication and time to deliver the assignment tothe professor with utmost perfection. So it is recommended for the students not to leave the workfor the last minute.

3) Insufficient Planning

Students are seen to fail in planning the assignment well because they never make a draft of theassignment on the rough work that they did or fail to plan the proceeding steps. Planningproperly with time in hand can lead towards the success for the project but students usually failto plan their work properly or in executing it. So in most cases it is seen that they end up failingto write a proper assignment.

It is advised to start writing the assignment as soon as you get the topic of the assignment, thusstart planning the assignment accordingly. Start thinking about how to write the assignment withthe guidelines mentioned in the project, what information they are asking for and last but not theleast how to conduct the research work.

4) Low level of confidence

Writing an assignment is a serious job at first place, it needs a lot of time and dedication from thestudent for the best proposal. Students usually stress about the same. Some students even gets

anxious about submitting the project after they have completed doing it. Even after they havesubmitted the project, they worry about the grades that they would obtain. This type of feelingsalways remain in the students mind way before the actual starting of the assignment, that iswhere it shows the lack of confidence in students. Therefore, the students usually do not receivethe grade that he has desired. The student should be confident enough about the topic that he isselecting and the knowledge that he has for the subject. Thus, confidence plays an important rolein writing an assignment for a student.

5) Getting struck at one point

Students face those very common issues because they might have less information about that partof the assignment. That is why it is recommended to clear the concept of the subject first, if theconcepts are clear that is very less chance of the student to get stuck at the middle of theassignment. By chance if the student get struck in the area it would be better to move on to thenext part of the assignment or take the help of the experts.