Different Types Of HVAC Jobs To Know
Different Types Of HVAC Jobs To Know
Rreputable HVAC companies employ different professionals to ensure the functions of the company run smoothly. Here are some HVAC job types.

HVAC companies in Los Alamitos have a lot of employees who are specialized to do different things. There are a lot of industries where college degrees are not required for various career paths, but you can make a good career wage for the work you do. Although some advanced positions may need higher education, you can find interest in positions that do HVAC installation and maintenance so the customers remain comfortable and satisfied. Here is a list of careers you may consider if you are interested in working with air conditioning units.

Sales associate

Sales associates are responsible for speaking to clients about their needs and getting viable solutions to issues they may have. They contact customers via email or phone to inform them of specials and employ advanced sales techniques to get their potential clients to sign up for a service or product.

Wind turbine technician

Wind turbine technicians install and inspect wind turbines. Wind turbines are machines that create electric power using wind energy. Wind turbines also maintain and repair these systems so that they can operate as intended. Technicians who deal with wind turbines test the equipment to identify issues, replace worn out or damaged parts that may be broken or otherwise affect the machine’s functionality and gather data for analysis purposes.


Fabricators design and produce products that meet the specifications of clients. They use different machines and tools to join parts and repair faulty equipment and source materials they are using. They also meet with clients and professionals to understand the scope of the project and get blueprints and other drawings that guide them in their work. They are a great asset for HVAC companies.

Air conditioning technicians

Air conditioning technicians repair, maintain and install air conditioning units. They also install, repair and maintain ancillary items like those for heating and ventilation. They may need to troubleshoot the HVAC unit of a client to uncover why it is not working as it should. They also come up with ways to fix the issue.


Pipefitters are responsible for building piping for use in air conditioning systems including those for cooling, heating, and hot water. They also gather the materials they require for the job and cut the pipes, install the pipes and make sure their pipes are maintained on a regular basis so that they continue to work optimally. Pipefitters perform grinding, rigging, threading and bending on pipes depending on the specific needs of the equipment they are building the system for.

Service managers

Service managers oversee the work of their team to ensure they provide the best in service to their clients. They also identify areas of improvement and provide feedback to their team when they reach a goal or get customer accolades. A service manager may receive service requests and need to build a schedule that accommodates a request based on the availability of the technician and skill set. They may also train new sales staff and technicians within HVAC companies in Los Alamitos.