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Decentralized Social Network | dappsy
To provide the simplest to the community, we've assembled an experienced, focused, and goal-oriented team of engineers, financial advisers, and marketers defi social network.

A crypto social network with the goal of becoming the most important social network for cryptocurrency.


Dappsy and therefore the remainder of the crew

To provide the simplest to the community, we've assembled an experienced, focused, and goal-oriented team of engineers, financial advisers, and marketers defi social network.


Financial Advisors with Years of Experience

Marketers who are focused on their objectives

Outstanding community support

Coders who collaborate with other teams

Dappsy features a fantastic staff behind.

In this journey, we attempt to supply the simplest for our community. supported our observations, we believe Dappsy is well-supported.

Financial Consultants

Members of our team trade on a daily basis, using crypto signals and training groups on the way to trade.

Marketers expertly

Working with marketers is our primary emphasis on a day to day . We help brands expand and collaborate with various networks to distribute items everywhere the planet .

We love what we do

Our team members are hooked in to their work. It motivates us, and that we want to form a difference within the world.

Changing our perceptions of social networks

Crypto may be a new age, and that we want to bring all of the distinctions together in one location.


Our goal is to create a blockchain-based social network driven by the community and for the community.

We’re performing on more features for our community, but these are our main objectives before Dappsy launches.

DPSY will undoubtedly be installed by default, however we aren't mentioning it as a feature because it's a must have for our community.

All of those features are provided by the community for the advantage of the community.

On Dappsy’s DAO, further features are going to be put up for a vote.

Because each holder is allowed to vote, the community determines what's best for the community.


It is critical to stress that our team is functioning diligently to supply value to the project. This, we feel, is that the next phase of social networks, so welcome to the longer term .

“Blockchain not only helps in influencing the purchasers in social media networks, but it also helps in combating the fake news.”


– Mirrorreview

Followers System

System of followers

We had a choice: Friends or Followers.

We picked followers because we expect that everybody has the potential to be a pacesetter . Everyone folks knows more a few topic than others, no matter our area of experience .

We are all leaders and influencers, and quality usually leads to followers.


Dappsy is made on this mechanism, and that we haven't any say over who gets more or less followers.

Dappsy has no control over any account, hashtag, user, or page that's more heavily sponsored than others.

Dappsy is meant to function on hot subjects blockchain social network. What most of the people have an interest in are going to be more prominent in their timelines.

Dappsy doesn't take sides within the information or cryptocurrency marketplaces.

This is where you'll share the foremost of your interests with the general public. you'll debate, exchange information, and express your opinions about any crypto currency available.

You can include the subsequent in your timeline:





Audio Posts




Dappsy’s audio postings are an incredible feature. apart from audio postings and podcasts, your audience can also exchange audio comments with you.

Hashes are one among Dappsy’s most essential characteristics. It’s worth noting that, unlike other social networks, we don’t control hashes, and hash rankings and suggestions are solely determined by community engagement.

You are allowed to use your own hash tags to form your content trend on Dappsy.


Despite the very fact that we don't have influence over the hash world of dappsy, if you've got any recommendations, you'll bring them up for a choose DAO.

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