Criminal Law In UAE
Criminal Law In UAE
Criminal law is one of the most critical segments of law that requires a clear vision and careful handling by expert criminal lawyers in Dubai.

This is because if the proper legal defense is not taken at the right time in criminal matters, the repercussions are too high and can often permanently damage the best defense that could have been taken in your given circumstances.


UAE constitutes a civil law jurisdiction that is guided by Islamic Sharia principles. The criminal procedures allow for legal detention of up to forty-eight hours at the police station and a further time period once the case is transferred to the public prosecution office. For certain types of offenses, bail might be allowed if the detainee is able to meet the bail conditions. The public prosecution office might also require to hold the passport of the detainee or that of his guarantor. A bail application is usually allowed for a specific time period, and upon expiry of the same, it could be again extended or terminated, depending on the conditions imposed on the bail. In addition, all proceedings before the UAE Criminal courts happens in a closed non-public setting in the Arabic language. If translators are required, the court will provide such an option in addition. However, it goes without saying that all submissions, evidence, and documents submitted before the court has to be translated to Arabic.


It should be kept in mind that criminal law is frequently changing that in turn, the subject matter is often complex and requires an enigmatic and practical legal approach. It takes immense years of experience for a lawyer to become the best criminal lawyer in Dubai. Such achievement does not come easily and are reached through years of hard work and client-focused results. Not choosing to take legal representation in criminal matters can have a detrimental effect on yourself and your loved one. Sometimes the damage done in such matters is irreversible. These risks could include instances wherein one is ‘falsely accused or incorrectly charged’, ‘ found guilty when in reality they are innocent’, ‘Sentence with imprisonment or hefty fines or permanent deportation, when they should not have been, and a legal defense could have been possible’. By choosing only the expert Dubai criminal lawyers, you are ensuring that you are taking the right steps and your case is being looked after by the most experienced lawyers who bring clear strategies and amazing expertise to win even the most difficult case.