Confined Space Blower Singapore
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Confined Space Blower Singapore

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Welcome to UnitedResources, Get the best safety and fall protection equipment in Singapore. Weoffer the best fall protection equipment in Singapore. We also offer safetyprotective equipment solutions across various industries.

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Established since 1987, United Resources has beenspecializing in M.R.O Consumables & Equipment, Safety Protective Equipmentand Spill Response & Management products and services.

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Safeguarding the workforce against accidents that may harmtheir ability to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently is alwaysprime responsibility of the employers. It is mandatory for industries whereoccupational hazard cannot be ruled out with automation that they preemptivelyidentify the hazard, train the workers and select appropriate personal fall protection.

Today, there are many advance systems that can be put inplace to maximize safety of workers. Worldwide there are many manufacturers andsuppliers of the personal safety equipment that is wide-ranging and includesall the items to ensure complete safety of a worker.

Although there are many categories in Personal Safety but inthis particular article we intend to focus on Head protection and fall protection.

Head is the most vital part of body. Skull, though is thestrongest bone in the body, it protects the most sensitive part of the body -The Brain. Minor concussions can sometimes turn ugly therefore head has to beprotected very carefully. Wearing a helmet should be made compulsory wherethere is possibility of falling objects hitting the head. Ultra Helmets withVisor present has slots to add ear muffs and is ideal for use in hazardousindustrial sites as it provides multiple protection to - Head, Ear, Eye, andFace. Another helmet, the Ultra Helmet with Ear muff is designed to protect thehead and ears of a worker. It absorbs on-contact shock, enables attenuation ofnoise and is preferred choice for operations where the noise level is high.Similarly the Fusion 6000 L CE helmet has sleek design that ensures maximumprotection against lateral pressure. It can withstand the temperature betweenminus 30 degrees to plus 150 degrees and is ideal for construction industry.

Besides Head injury, injury by fall is quite common in allindustries. Falls can happen because of sudden loss of balance, malfunctioningof ladders etc. Just wearing safety helmets might not be the right fallprevention technique. The spots in the industrial complex or site which areprone to falls must be identified in advance. Some falls are either fatal orresult in permanent disability therefore as an employer you must proactivelytry to prevent falls. Using required fall protection equipment can reduce the risk or contain the damage caused byfall. Products available in this category include full body harness, quarterturn steel karabiner, safety nets, shock absorbing rope lanyards and more whichcan be customized to your industry needs.

But, for every industry whether it is shipping, mining,construction, oil & gas exploration, engineering, or chemical etc. there isspecific personal protection equipment that must be used to reduce the risk.The two pronged strategy of workforce training and personal safety equipmentcan go a long way in preventing any mishap.

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